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Utopia Talk / Movie Talk / The Walking Dead (Cont. 11)
Cherub Cow
Mon Mar 25 19:41:44
SPOILERS at all times! :p

Thread 10:
Cherub Cow
Mon Mar 25 19:43:37
*"I hope this doesn't [affect] my death picks :("

"are you sure Tara was one of them?"

Totes :(
They showed her head just before Henry, and then they showed her fighting with the others in the barn.

"they should've put name tag captions + a non-dead portrait up next to the heads so we could tell who they were :p"

Considering that the Whisperers killed some total rando teens who apparently had no parents, that wouldn't have been a bad idea :D
Alpha should have stuck around longer to make sure that she was killing important people. She probably killed Tammy because Tammy had one of the Whisperer babies, but she had no idea that peeps *wanted* Tammy dead (if anyone in the communities shared my opinion of her), lulz
Cherub Cow
Mon Mar 25 20:09:30
Oh, looks like I got it wrong about the redheaded character. She wasn't a teen, she was one of Negan's former wives who joined Alexandria after the Saviors fell (one of the ones who asked Eugene for poison with which to kill Negan), so she had had a few lines before this episode. She had adopted a daughter (one of the kids who was taken captive by Michonne's old friend), so it looks like the writers tried to show that all of the characters were connected to others (it was Eugene who first asks where Frankie is, with Frankie's concerned daughter standing next to Eugene). It would have been funny if they showed a head that no one *there* recognized, though :D .. like what if Alpha planted the head of that random whisperer who saw her crying? :D
the wanderer
Mon Mar 25 23:06:32
so who leads Hilltop now? i saw Maggie in a promo for a different show so that may explain her disappearance :p

and they've whacked Jesus & Tara

i rewatched the head segment & i think the problem is it cuts to Gabriel asking Eugene if he's seen 'her'... not sure why we should know he means Tara there
the wanderer
Mon Mar 25 23:17:00
...i mean obviously not everyone is as stupid as me & could recognize the heads :p... but seems like those cutaways were to help us identify them & that one doesn't seem to help
Cherub Cow
Tue Mar 26 01:05:57
Yeah, that one could have been two "her"s — Tara or Rosita (Michonne and Carol were alive at the pikes already, and Gabriel doesn't really talk with any other women). When I watched the first time I thought it might be Rosita just because it was Gabriel and Eugene talking (part of Rosita's crew), but after seeing Tara (a surprise to me) I guessed we were supposed to hear Gabriel's official-sounding councilman tone ("If you happen to see her, could you tell her I need to speak with her?"). I think the writers must have been trying to hide it for an extra second with her so that showing her head would be more shocking for viewers... worked on me at least :D

This is the first episode in a while that I've wanted to watch twice... maybe not since Negan was defeated (which speaks to a sort of uneventful season 9). Finale should be lots of fun :D

"so who leads Hilltop now? i saw Maggie in a promo for a different show so that may explain her disappearance :p"

Lulz, yeah. That's why I mentioned that Maggie has been cheating on the show with another show ;D ... Morgan too, I guess. Plot-wise they really can't keep her off for much longer, so they need to fix her scheduling conflict.

Not sure who this puts in charge... probably either Siddiq or Alden, Enid's former BF. Siddiq just took to the stage for his big speech (a leadership moment, whereas Alden was afraid to take the stage for a song), so he seems most likely. Hopefully not Earl (Tammy's husband). Kal (Glenn's doppelgänger) would make sense if they gave him more lines, but he'll probably just stay a fighter.

Oh, I didn't realize until now that it was Hilltop hit the hardest: except for the highwaymen (Kingdom) and Frankie (Alexandria), all of those on pikes were Hilltop people. That must explain how Alpha targeted them.
the wanderer
Mon Apr 01 00:22:25

-- season finale --

so much death...

I like snowy night scenes so that was nice
we again see how odd it is that Judith is still alive

they mention sending a letter to Maggie and not hearing back... not sure how that works in a way that makes sense
Cherub Cow
Mon Apr 01 20:19:35
+1 ; it pretty much doesn't make any sense :/ .. just a meta moment where they're like, "We promise Cohan will return!"

"so much death..."

Yeah. Another filler episode? :/
I clearly had hoped that the peace build-up was heading to a good finale, but they totally denied a fair slaughter by delaying things until next season. I suspect that Maggie is supposed to be a big part of the Whisperer conflict in which case the writers just had to avoid developing the story until Lauren Cohan returns to the show.. but wasting an entire season for that? :/

It could also be because they have a new showrunner (Angela Kang took over for season 9), but if it's her and not just Cohan at fault then — leaving her in charge — they will build some serious ratings issues and just tank the show altogether. If they were trying to write well, they'd make season 10 the last and wrap everything up, but their decision to waste season 9 makes it seem like they've decided to phone it so that AMC can guarantee a programming slot. Apparently they've contracted some of the actors for 3 years, Rick is supposed to get his own side movies, and Michonne may be getting the Maggie treatment next season...

All we had was that..
• Carol is breaking up with the King,
• Lydia is going to stick it out,
• Radio communications may have gotten them in touch with another (new) community, and
• Negan earned enough trust to maybe not be jailed anymore

It would at least be fun to see Negan take charge and just push everyone around :D

"we again see how odd it is that Judith is still alive"

Yeah, lol :D ... when she ran off I was immediately like, "Fucking idiot kid." Risks freezing to death to run off to get a dog? Wow... And good thing that no one else but Negan cared enough to help ;p

Bleh. Total bummer.
the wanderer
Mon Apr 01 23:28:38
i don't blame her for going for the dog... they should all die to save the dog :p

the Whisperer society doesn't make much sense to me... they claim to like to move (plus they must move far to not have been an issue before)... yet they want borders now... why?

and their camps don't make a lot of sense as noted earlier :p
Cherub Cow
Tue Apr 02 01:12:11
The borders thing only makes sense to me as a provocation (to force a conflict) or just a seasonal thing. Like, "We'll be here for the winter, so stay out of our hunting areas."

A day-in-the-life episode would be nice :D
I'd be interested in how a nomadic group feeds itself without stalking animal herds.. though maybe they're able to get to difficult resource spots because of their method? It's a pretty big group to keep fed...
the wanderer
Sun Oct 06 21:55:53

The shows back on... first episode was tonight... outer space themed

Cherub Cow
Mon Oct 07 00:30:20
Awesome! I forgot that October is Walking Dead time :D
This is the best month of the year!! \:D/
Cherub Cow
Mon Oct 07 05:00:35
@S10E01: "Lines We Cross"

They added some new images into the opening animation. There's a neat rendering of Rick blowing up the bridge, "Silence the Whispers" is written on a compound's walls (For season 9 it said, "Final Warning"), and the walkers approach the heads-on-pikes boundary in the foreground of the windmill (no pikes last season). There were smaller changes too (like, different colors used on trees), but those were the bigger changes...

Maybe Eugene just Chernobyled a bunch of people with his "[I don't care about radiation!]" line.

Good job being seen, Carol! ;p
the wanderer
Mon Oct 07 11:56:29
she's a trouble-maker for sure... and innovator, that could be the first use of arterial spray to put out a fire
Cherub Cow
Mon Oct 14 03:25:06
That must only work with fresh walkers. I can't imagine the older ones have much blood left ;)

@S10E02: "We Are the End of the World"

Cool episode title. Seems they had that "We Are the World" song in mind and switched it up :D

"I like killing with you."
So romantic! :D
It's like "Natural Born Killers" ♥

Nice background on the whisperer ethos. Time to get rocking with some war.
the wanderer
Tue Oct 15 00:02:30
Beta is putting up with a lot of weakness from Alpha, i assumed someone was going down

Beta should be the one killing Alpha, but for story reasons that seemed unlikely, so figured maybe she'd kill him when he saw her weakness at the shrine

so is Beta wearing his son's face or was it supposed to be a lover?
the wanderer
Mon Oct 21 01:33:08

- new episode -

so I guess the ending shows Crazy Carol did see and hit a whisperer, is it supposed to portend more? wasn't clear to me

Cherub Cow
Tue Oct 22 01:35:46
@S10E03: "Ghosts"

Yeah, the music made that seem more significant than maybe it needed to be. I thought the dead Whisperer at the end was Gamma (the sister of the Whisperer who lost her child, had a breakdown, and attacked Alpha), but comparing their masks and clothes, that looks like just a random Whisperer. So the important bit: if that undead Whisperer wanders back to Alpha, then Alpha gets to claim that Carol started a war (Carol looks like the only person in their community who still has ammunition?). That's probably Alpha's wish, which could also mean that Alpha sent that group on that mission in the first place.. like she got them to challenge the border specifically so someone would get killed. Then again, it may have just been some peeps trying to gain Alpha's favor (without orders) by killing Carol for taking a shot at Alpha.. either way: WAR! ;p

At the beginning, that was a pretty cool way to show such a big onslaught of walkers.. That also shows just how good they've become at dealing with hordes.

Negan battling with his sadistic side and sitting in a chair while Aaron wandered around helpless was cool >:D
Negan must be considering which dominoes need to be knocked down to get him back into power. Judith may be the only one really stopping him (he wants to protect her), so if anything happens to Judith, everyone is going to be Negan again ;)
Cherub Cow
Mon Oct 28 07:22:46
@S10E04: "Silence the Whisperers"

That indie song (Gordi's "Heaven I Know") at the beginning and end definitely inspires ultraviolence, though not intentionally ;)

Good character episode. Nice to hear Lydia say that she loved Henry. Connections to their past sometimes get buried. They also did that with Aaron this season (he mentions Eric), and of course Michonne just reminisced about Rick. A lot of times the dead/gone names get inferred, but no one says them (like, Glenn hasn't been mentioned by name in a bit). That was the big theme of the episode: people handling their lost loves in different ways. Highway-woman handled hers... poorly ;p .. pretty cool that Negan can kill someone accidentally just by tossing her aside. He's a total badass. :D

I wonder what he'll get up to. It was a good decision from his position to get out of there when he was given the chance. A lynch mob could easily have formed and taken him out. The council should have put a trusted (main character) security team with him for that exact reason. And if Daryl was to be believed, Lydia really didn't let him out? I thought Negan had already built in a just-in-case escape plan, but the questioning of "who" was interesting. Must have been Daryl if not Lydia, since Daryl wouldn't have missed anything if he was really on watch...

Otherwise, not much happening in this episode, just pieces being moved in place. Luke (Dan Fogler; the music teacher) had a bit too much emphasis placed on his goodbyes to his group. It seems like people should *always* do that in this world, but when it's shown on camera it seems like a death sentence ;D ... Trouble in paradise with Magna and Yumiko, but I don't like that group so I don't care.
the wanderer
Mon Oct 28 13:13:35
did you know the Magna and Yumiko names without looking them up? i can't keep track of hardly anyone :p

i'm pretty sure that musician* guy heading in the wagon to Oceanside is dead soon (*pretty sure he is somehow related to music anyway... the guy from the deaf person group)

Margo's 2 guy friends should be expelled from the town for lying about assault / attempted murder... it's not clear that situation is resolved, but seems like they aren't facing consequences

Cherub Cow
Mon Oct 28 19:16:57
"Margo's 2 guy friends should be expelled from the town for lying about assault / attempted murder... it's not clear that situation is resolved, but seems like they aren't facing consequences"

Yeah! The teen is just being a teen, but the other guy is an adult. Violently attacking a teenage girl in the middle of the night is all kinds of wrong. Knowing the show, they'll probably just get some vigilante justice, since the council may not see any reason to make a ruling on Negan anymore... And it's not great that the council wasn't able to see through the teen and Highwayman's lies when questioned. That should have been unanimous even with Aaron there.

"did you know the Magna and Yumiko names without looking them up? i can't keep track of hardly anyone :p"

I definitely had to look them up. :D I didn't even recognize their names when I found them. They could have been "Lightning" and "Potato", and I would have been like, "Sounds right." ;)

"i'm pretty sure that musician* guy heading in the wagon to Oceanside is dead soon"

That whole group is disposable :p .. it's only a bummer if they're killing Luke (musician) before killing the others of that group :'(
the wanderer
Tue Oct 29 19:02:41
he doesn't look like a Luke... i'd give him the Potato name... but i guess since he's dead soon it doesn't matter
Cherub Cow
Mon Nov 04 06:38:50
@S10E05: "What It Always Is"

@opening: weird.. almost like being deaf makes you an unsurvivable liability in a zombie apocalypse.. almost like.. those characters probably wouldn't have lived to this point. Hmm.. ;p

..I only just realized with that "Kelly?" note that the second person who's turning deaf is a girl, lol... I'm still not convinced, actually ;p

Cutting oneself on one's own knife is why Carol has a trench knife — the handle gets slick when it's covered in blood :p

Negan calling Beta a "big ass freak" got me to look at their heights. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is 6'1", and Ryan Hurst (Beta) is 6'4".. Incidentally, Ryan Hurst played that soldier in "Saving Private Ryan" who couldn't hear well:
..seems he grew up and got a death metal beard ;)

The cliffhanger would have us believe that Negan and Beta will get in a fight right there on the spot, but probably Negan will just join the Whisperers and maybe betray them to save the three communities..
Cherub Cow
Mon Nov 04 06:46:19
Ugh... I guess the Walking Dead producers figured that "Fear the Walking Dead" wasn't bad enough, so they decided to try again with yet another spin-off show. It reminds me of Family Guy's recent episode making fun of reboots, because this new WD is aimed at teens:
Good comment: "This time we root for the zombies."
the wanderer
Mon Nov 04 23:00:40
yeah, Kelly has been hard to determine, but there was some earlier episode where they somehow indicated it was a girl & i was surprised :p

the "classic Negan!" kid felt like they picked up a fanboy at a convention & put him in the show :p
...i was worried he was going to survive

and to nitpick & pad my comments: Negan is talking about planes & realizes the kid wouldn't know what it was like to fly, then mentions being 'roided up' & the hall of fame... pretty sure he wouldn't get those references either :p
Cherub Cow
Tue Nov 05 01:03:36
"pretty sure he wouldn't get those references either :p"

lol, I was thinking the same. The kid did look a little lost when Negan said that. A line like, "Oh, you don't know those references either," would have been nice :D

"the "classic Negan!" kid felt like they picked up a fanboy at a convention & put him in the show :p
...i was worried he was going to survive"

Yeah, he was a mess, wasting Negan's cool ;)
Def glad he only had about 5 minutes of screen time.

"Kelly has been hard to determine"

In Googling, it looks like that actress self-identifies as "queer", so that explains it. Apparently that role was also a male role in the comics (they were supposed to be a couple, not sisters). Those characters need to die, so it would be a shame if the WD writers feel obligated to let them live just because of their RL details ;)
Cherub Cow
Mon Nov 11 04:30:39
@S10E06: "Bonds"

Tense ending. I worried for Negan in that position :p

Carol must be hoping that the whisperer she took didn't have a lot of friends ;)

Surprising that they didn't bother having the doctors figure out that it was contaminated water in this episode. They gave it enough screen time. It's strange that that's a major weakness of Alexandria. Maybe they've taken the filtration system for granted?

Eugene having hope with Rosita wasn't a good sign for Rosita.

A nice setup episode. Already coming up on the mid-season finale.. enough cool stuff in place to make it interesting.
the wanderer
Tue Nov 12 01:06:25
did they explain how Negan was able to walk w/ an apparent group of actual zombies? (that end part before Beta agitated them)

my mind wandered at parts so could've missed something, but that didn't seem to make sense
Cherub Cow
Tue Nov 12 05:23:28
After that, he arrived with a bloody log, so I'd guess he found that log nearby and started clubbing. His jacket gives him +10 to bite defense, so it's reasonable ;)
the wanderer
Tue Nov 12 11:37:17
no, i mean why weren't they trying to eat him before Beta started a ruckus (ruckuses haven't been required before)

he didn't seem camouflaged in any way
Cherub Cow
Wed Nov 13 05:24:30
Oh yeah! That was super weird. The walkers apparently can be guided by the distraction of whispering, but Negan being loud-mouthed didn't bother them until Beta killed that whisperer...

Re-watching the scene... Before they zoom, it's possible to pick out maybe 3 whisperers for sure (two right next to Negan&Beta, and one with arrows)... after they zoom in on Negan&Beta it's difficult to see in the background who's a whisperer and who's a walker (i.e., how far were the walkers from the conversation?)... When Negan&Beta stop walking, the walkers/whisperers start circling (like they're being directed by whisperers). So, best case scenario for the writing would be that the whisperers were circling around Negan&Beta so that Negan&Beta could talk, and once Beta sacrificed a whisperer, the other whisperers stopped running interference and let the walkers move in. But... if that's the case, then they should have done a better job showing how the whisperers were managing that interference. Like, maybe a walker looks over to Negan, but then a whisperer distracts the walker back away... so, not too well directed.
Cherub Cow
Wed Nov 13 05:26:44
Oh! And yeah, without a whisperer mask and no apparent walker blood on him, Negan was just out in the open. They *really* needed to show how that was possible with better direction. It can be inferred, sure, but they left too much space for world-breaking..
the wanderer
Wed Nov 13 12:00:38
it's possible bald lady had been walking w/o a mask in hordes before (it's hard to tell if they are all whisperers or not in a group :p)... but she probably smells like death all the time anyway :p

i guess we're to assume they can pacify the dead as well as steer them
Cherub Cow
Thu Nov 14 05:49:17
Yeah they must all smell horrible. :D
It would be cool to see them working from their perspective — doing all the pacifying and steering. All the little gestures and tricks could be interesting if they took the time..
Cherub Cow
Mon Nov 18 06:24:26
@S10E07: "Open Your Eyes"

Siddiq was in *way* too much of this episode. I was hoping he'd figure out the water thing right at the start, but instead it was 36 minutes of burned time..

@ending: Woohoo! Spoke too soon. That might be it for him \:D/
I was worried he would spin around and stab the other doctor, Dante, in a PTSD rage, so this was a happy ending. The better character and actor just survived. That was a blood choke, so Dante would have to hold it for longer to make it a kill, but the show seems to have communicated a death...

It made sense that Siddiq couldn't figure out that the water was contaminated (PTSD and sleep deprivation), and this explains why Dante couldn't either. Dante knew and just didn't say anything; he bent the handle and switched the water source from clean/filtered to contaminated (maybe Alexandria needs more safeguards than that, lulz). And his line about Siddiq packing his bag was probably just his cover for poisoning the prisoner to protect whisperer info.

Not sure how I didn't guess that Dante was a whisperer. He just sort of materialized on the show without a backstory, for one. And it was an established possibility from Alpha's blonde wig episode that the whisperers had infiltrators. And after this episode's weird line by Siddiq being reminded of Enid every time Dante was present... that should have been a giveaway. Because why else be reminded of Enid when *Dante* is present (two characters that never met before their connection was revealed)? That makes the episode title pretty cool. Siddiq kept hearing it but didn't know why he couldn't piece things together.
..Now if only *Watchmen* could do this sort of trickery ;D

I was hoping that Rosita's recovery would be explained by her drinking some booze, but that could be an outright plot hole to have her drink more contaminated water and then rescue Siddiq.. The writers must have cornered themselves by making her sick. They probably wanted her to give him his send-off scene, so they just glossed over her recovery. In the scene where Siddiq discovers the valve position, it's only one of three that have been switched, but it looks like all three source pipes connect and would be contaminated at the faucet... hmm...

Anyways, I'm super psyched if Siddiq's character has finally been removed! Actor Avi Nash was awful.
the wanderer
Tue Nov 19 01:50:39
I had been suspicious of Dante but only because he reminds me of a dick from some other show or movie... must be a different actor as nothing in his IMDb seems familiar
the wanderer
Tue Nov 19 01:56:30
...possibly Ellis from Die Hard
Cherub Cow
Tue Nov 19 02:54:34
"...possibly Ellis from Die Hard"

Yeah!!! He totally looks like Ellis! :D
One of those accidental doppelgängers ;D
the wanderer
Tue Nov 19 12:07:33
i'm not 100% that's who i'm thinking of :p there may be a 2nd dick... on the grassy knoll...

perhaps it will come to me as we see him more, or it will just continue to bug me & drive me over the edge
Cherub Cow
Mon Nov 25 04:25:03
@S10E08: "The World Before"

[Rosita]: "Maybe Dante was right about us. We're not as strong as we think we are."
Nice exposition. They've gotten soft behind those walls :p

Gabriel just brought back some early-series justice >:)

A heartfelt conversation just after crossing into enemy territory? That's nice and all, but... timing?

[Rando]: "No way you make it this long without being comfortable with violence."

Everyone did super great walking into that trap at the end.

A setup episode for a mid-season finale? :(
the wanderer
Mon Nov 25 11:46:36
i think that -was- the mid-season finale
no episode til February from what i can tell

my guess is Gabriel's been watching Ben on the Purge
Cherub Cow
Wed Nov 27 03:48:26
Yeah! Gabe finally gets it! ;D

"i think that -was- the mid-season finale"

That's what I mean :( .. the mid-season finale was just a setup episode. Tough way for the show to go on break for 3 months. :(
the wanderer
Sun Feb 23 22:46:10
the shows back on

---- SPOILER talk ----

Carol going full Gilligan :p they gotta dump her

and writers all around, please STOP writing scenes of people trying to escape then someone turns around & goes back... they did it twice... sooo frustrating to watch
Cherub Cow
Mon Feb 24 03:52:07
Super frustrating writing, yeah :/
Carol needs to get her shit together. It's one thing to be hurting after Henry's death, but she's dragging other people into it over and over again (the point of the episode, to be sure, but come on..). Like, doing a Leeroy Jenkins into the cave was one thing, but then trying to dynamite the walkers on her own? That's just a communication thing: tell peeps that there's an opportunity there, they'd agree, but everyone would clear the cave first. Problem solved and no errors. Maybe she's just officially aged out of her badass years :(

Probably those two characters (Connie and Magna) did not die... they weren't definitively smashed, Daryl made a comment about alternate tunnels at the end, and they showed that Whisperers had access to that spot from another location. I wouldn't care if they *did* die, but whatever ;)

Stuff getting weird(er) with Negan :D
He's really threading the needle with Alpha. Just talking could get him killed. Funny that he's bypassed Beta so heavily :D
the wanderer
Mon Feb 24 12:12:36
Magna should be dead, technically Carol too... writers need to start instantly and pointlessly having them die thus proving their action was stupid :p

Magna saunters back in a fair bit of distance supposedly because 'skins' are coming (which i assume is the real people?)... what exactly makes her able to deal w/ that? what advantage does she have? while leaving big guy struggling to hold up ceiling... just GET OUT! even if sacrificing herself to give others time, no one takes it... the deaf girl goes to help her, leaving big guy holding up the ceiling for no one

deaf girl probably will survive for show demographics & to give Daryl another heroic moment

i dunno about Magna
Cherub Cow
Mon Feb 24 18:04:13
"Magna should be dead, technically Carol too... writers need to start instantly and pointlessly having them die thus proving their action was stupid :p"

Truth! If this was early in the apocalypse, 100% Carol would die for her mistakes right away.. but here in late stage show, it seems like the writers only cut her a break because she was *previously* useful. Daryl can only protect her so much.. so I guess the test will be whether or not she makes more mistakes but without Daryl around to bail her out. If they want to do it Greek tragedy style, Carol maybe sacrifices herself for redemption thinking that Magna and Connie died, but then she finds out that they actually lived, so it wasn't necessary? Eh, or she'll just do something stupid again ;)

"just GET OUT! even if sacrificing herself to give others time, no one takes it"

Yeah, that was a bad move. They showed that Magna was about to be stabbed in the back by a Whisperer, and Connie saves her, which justifies them both getting stuck together.. but that's after the fact. Before that, they were already standing at the cave exit — the last two to leave before Jerry (big guy). Jerry could have just dropped the beam while they escaped (in which case, they'd all crawl out anyways). No need to do additional defense against the Whisperers in that case because the Whisperers would just get buried. If the writers wanted to fix that scenario, they should have shown more people stuck at the exit. Like, if the Whisperer attack was happening while they struggled to push out an injured Carol, then it makes sense, but no.. that was over. It was just them. Even worries over the dynamite compacting and exploding don't justify it, because Jerry would still need to drop the beam and they'd still be close enough to the exit to dig themselves out. Plus, they were two of the smallest peeps. They weren't going to block Jerry.

The only way to justify it would be to put it on Magna. Like, maybe she was trying to be brave or needlessly protective.. but she had *just* had that character development line about how she regrets how she left things with Yumiko, so her character motivation was to get back to Yumiko. It must just be a writer's room failure. They must have thought it made sense on paper, but they didn't consider the physical aspects of the characters or the set design. Or maybe the director forgot to show that the exit was clogged with people during the Whisperer attack. However it happened, the result was stupid :p

"deaf girl probably will survive for show demographics & to give Daryl another heroic moment"

Maybe not! They just upgraded Kelly (Connie's sister) in the Intersectionality Olympics by saying that she's going deaf too, so they could keep Kelly and kill Connie and protect that coveted deaf person show-watcher demographic ;)
the wanderer
Tue Feb 25 01:47:02
that's true, plus she has the androgyny demo

I'll still guess not dead yet though, seems wasteful to kill them without a good display of them dying
Cherub Cow
Tue Feb 25 04:55:13
It's been a minute since they've dropped a big chunk of budget into an over-the-top gore death like they did for that "Everybody Hates Chris" guy.. so maybe soon? :D
Noah's death on memory lane:
Cherub Cow
Mon Mar 02 07:03:05
@S10E10: "Stalker"

The episode title makes sense after the closing. I thought Daryl was screwed at the end because it would mean a Deus ex Machina to save him (Who would be out to help at some random gas station in disputed territories?), but Lydia playing a "stalker" softens the "divinity" of the save (That is, she was stalking, so she could intervene at will)... All the same, they were seemingly aware of the device in action, even playing it up with Lydia getting angelic lighting and a "message from the gods" type of moment. And Lydia talking about wanting to be human almost sounds like a Greek god coming to Earth, surrendering power by saving a human — and becoming human too.

A good thing Daryl *was* saved, because Alpha really doesn't have the physical presence to win in a one-on-one with Daryl. They tried to sell it with him having blood in his eyes.. but this was *Daryl*... It would have to be a cool fight, like another Beta rematch or Alpha and *50* walkers ;p

Gabriel still building on his new-found cool with those gore threats. If only he could part with the religious stuff ;D

Rosita's turnaround with not trusting and then trusting Gamma seemed a bit fast. I know Gamma sort of proved herself by protecting Judith from Beta, but there should still have been a bit of reserve in Rosita's eyes given the former Whisperer-doctor's long con and the fact that Alexandria just lost like, ten people the previous night. I guess Beta will just sulk back home without a victory? That's got to be rough on his ego.

Aaaand it's a bummer if they just killed Laura :(
She was one of Negan's former lieutenants (neck tattoo). They weren't too graphic, which could mean that they didn't kill her, but Beta racked her head against the bars in that fight.. which seems pretty fatal. Then again, no skull cracking sound? Usually a skull-cracking sound sells a head-wound fatality. If she died, at least it was a badass sendoff: taking on Beta herself. That would also add to the tragedy of the show not putting more importance on her character ;p
the wanderer
Mon Mar 02 13:01:42
i didn't recognize Laura (although that's common for me w/ these characters :p)... i would say poor strategy trying to capture him by prodding him w/ a halberd, him just smacking it away seemed a high success maneuver
Cherub Cow
Mon Mar 02 17:40:26
"i didn't recognize Laura (although that's common for me w/ these characters :p)"

She's done some cool stuff! :p
Like, she embarrassed Rick when Rick was first having to kneel for Negan, and I think she [was/is] the last Negan lieutenant that was in the room with him during his warehouse meetings.

Eugene was the only other.. which reminds me: why did Eugene abandon bullet-making? Hmm..

"i would say poor strategy trying to capture him by prodding him w/ a halberd"

Definitely. She should have just stabbed him outright. I guess she figured they were collecting prisoners just then. Even so, she sent Gamma to find help, but Gamma just ran to hide instead of getting the cavalry? Wtf, Gamma? ;p And Laura tried to push Beta against a wall instead of into the cell.. which was also a bad move. :(
the wanderer
Sun Mar 08 22:24:20

--- show night ---

I enjoyed the episode for unspecified reasons.

The end a bit reminiscent of GoT Long Night battle at Winterfell. Daryls weapon choice, while interesting, was not well-suited for that strategy... would be a hazard to his neighbors :p ... pokey weapons clearly best.

I guess we'll see how the mentioned catapults help next week.
Cherub Cow
Mon Mar 09 06:19:32
"The end a bit reminiscent of GoT Long Night battle at Winterfell"

Totes! Too bad that big HBO budget cornered WD/AMC into not really being able to compete here :p
When they were narrowing in on the last minutes of the episode, I thought they were going to go full GoT by saving a full hour of fighting for next episode.. but now it looks like the major battle will wrap up in the first minutes of the next episode. Small, lower budget skirmishes afterwards? The budget must be drying up while they fund the Rick Grimes movie(s)..

"would be a hazard to his neighbors :p ... pokey weapons clearly best."

Just what I was thinking! A flail would have to be given a lot of open space. The hammer guys too — they'd need swing space. Spear peeps can just go forwards and backwards safely. I thought maybe flails and swords were better suited to the warrior types for the flanks, but once they got going there was even a shot of Daryl swinging the flail *over* someone who was ducked below him (i.e., *not* just for the flanks).. so they were just lined up with mixed weapons.

...With all the theatrics that they put into the group training into Spartan formations, they still don't look particularly organized. It'd be nice to see them alternating spear thrusts with longer spears over each other's shoulders.. like a Macedonian phalanx.. or something that shows that they're systematically wiping out walkers that meet them head-on. Right now it's like, "Line up! ... [first attack]: Okay, now do whatever!" Maybe they'll put a good phalanx to use next episode while they buy time getting past the burning walls?

They really played up a plot device for Judith: If she sees the King first, then she'll know that Daryl died, and if she sees Daryl first, she'll know that the King died. Maybe it's misdirection and she'll just see Alpha first? ;D

And Eugene didn't even bother telling his date that he might not make it on account of the giant war, so he's either optimistic or just didn't think it mattered ;p

Negan still walking the line.. he suggested not killing the Hilltop peeps, which shows that he's trying to save his former group, but then he fed Alpha that compliment about her being a bad-ass for wanting to kill them all anyways... I mean, it seems pretty obvious that he's waiting for his moment to sabotage Alpha, but they've given him a little of that wild card status..
the wanderer
Mon Mar 09 12:45:31
since the King has cancer, & Daryl is MVP of the show, i'd say the King actor should be worried about his character :p ... but Judith will probably do heroic stuff rather than just hiding as told so could play out any number of ways

i'd say the wild cards are Judith, Negan, & Lidya in swinging momentum
the wanderer
Sun Mar 15 22:49:26

-- show night --

my complaining:
they showed the catapults firing but don't think they ever showed the effect... so... bad (perhaps a budget issue, although why even have the catapults)

looks like they used shield wall tactics to create a corpse wall... not sure it seemed wide enough to be useful but ok i guess

the Judith/Ezekial/Daryl plan didn't really have significance... i was wondering if they were making that Earl guy a pedophile & going really dark :p

i have no idea what went on w/ Beta :p... are we supposed to recognize him? or just that one random guy did & we're just supposed to know something weird going on?

and apparently Carol was playing the long improbable game... not sure it makes a lot of sense, but i'll await more details before complaining more :p
Cherub Cow
Mon Mar 16 05:44:20
"the Judith/Ezekial/Daryl plan didn't really have significance..."

Yeah .. kind of weird to give it setup and then not have it matter. I guess that's a good thing? Maybe a bit of misdirection to have it not come into play? I guess it also shows that everyone's plans fell apart — Eugene's included, not surprisingly ;p

"i was wondering if they were making that Earl guy a pedophile & going really dark :p"

lol, he was a bit creepy there at the end :D
Glad that he's off the show! He wasn't annoying to Tammy levels but still :p

"i have no idea what went on w/ Beta :p... are we supposed to recognize him? or just that one random guy did & we're just supposed to know something weird going on?"

Yeah, probably the second option (something weird). If they want to get wacky, it could be Rick (recast to make it less obvious). I don't think the time lines up, though, (didn't Alpha meet him not too long into the apocalypse?) so that's unlikely.

Previous villains have all been confirmed dead, so maybe Beta was someone famous before the apocalypse? They did that in "Resident Evil: Afterlife" where a former NBA player was a survivor. That would make sense for Beta defacing all of his pictures and not wanting to be unmasked by Alpha. Maybe he was a politician or an actor — someone that everyone would know. Maybe he'll just play his real life self (Ryan Hurst plays Ryan Hurst) ;D

His killing of Gamma was sad :'( .. her character was developed quickly, but she was more likeable than some of the remaining short-term cast (like, I still cannot care about Magna and Yumiko's domestic arguments). I thought she'd survive for at least the rest of the season.

"and apparently Carol was playing the long improbable game... not sure it makes a lot of sense, but i'll await more details before complaining more :p"

Yeah, same boat for me! It would still have to be that most of it was *not* planned (like, chasing Alpha into the cave), because it's one thing to have Negan's turn-coat planned but another to risk people in the group to sell the plan without their knowledge. Then again, Carol also independently killed infected survivors in the prison under the belief that she'd be helping the group at large.. so it's not totally out of character for her to make a play like that.. a *little* out of character, since she was supposed to have gotten more responsible.. but not *totally* :p

Good symmetry to infiltrate the infiltrators. It was one thing when Negan was potentially doing it on his own, but doing it for a plan elevates it a bit.

"they showed the catapults firing but don't think they ever showed the effect... so... bad (perhaps a budget issue, although why even have the catapults)"

They showed more budget this episode than last episode, but it def would have been nice to see lots of walkers being smashed by the catapult fire :/

With four episodes left, I wonder how much loyalty the remaining Whisperers will have. It's not a GoT Winterfell situation in the sense that the army gets stopped at the first fortress, but how much do they follow Beta vs. Alpha? They also didn't leave it clear how many walkers survived (i.e., how much of the hoard was used for Hilltop). Possibly another budget issue.. though maybe they've just spread the budget for more battles to fix GoT's mistakes ;)
the wanderer
Mon Mar 16 12:13:25
maybe Beta is Carol's secret boyfriend... & Carol set some of the fires inside the walls... & the 3 of them starting a new regime

could happen :p

it occurred to me the reason they made Negan oddly think Alpha didn't plan to kill the people last week was because of this secret plan w/ Carol, since it doesn't make that much sense to wait til a potential slaughter before offing Alpha
the wanderer
Mon Mar 23 01:06:45

-= Show Night =-

didn't she keep seeing signs of "group 2"?... shouldn't she ask what was group 1?

i don't recall "group 1" signs...or was that where his wife/kids were?

them reminding us of Negan's most evil moment seems odd if we're to welcome him into the 'good' guys team :p
Cherub Cow
Mon Mar 23 05:28:52
I didn't read into the groups thing too much. Looking at the map of the island ( http://i.imgur.com/qe8sLyh.jpg ), it looks like it was just referring to where peeps were staying before the food riots (each of 5 groups having a different building cluster). The three survivors were in the "Group 2" building, but outside the map I don't think they labeled which buildings were 1 or 3 – 5. But Michonne said she searched all the buildings and found nothing :/

I was a little annoyed that we were getting so much exposition for that character ;p .. they were just using him to show how Michonne's choices had made her good by comparison and how she empathizes and loves her family too..

"them reminding us of Negan's most evil moment seems odd if we're to welcome him into the 'good' guys team :p"

But it's now *Michonne's* most evil moment! ;D

They were writing her off the show really hard with all of that reflection on her past. It was like Rick's last episode again. Bad choices vs. good choices and all brought to circle... They had already reduced her role this season, like they warned, so now she's done.

There's basically no info out there about the Rick movie(s), and it's not even listed as "pre-production" or "in production" on imdb. I'm starting to think that after a normal season 11 of Walking Dead (the October 2020 – April 2021 schedule), *then* the movie(s) to finish everything will be released, maybe starting in Summer 2021. If a 3-year contract (that starting 2019) turns out to be true, that could mean waiting until 2022 to see this concluded. That's difficult to consider. Removing Maggie, Rick, and Michonne and setting up for the movies has really made things feel dragged and incomplete in the show. I *really* hope they step things up in these last few episodes of season 10, not just with issues localized to the Whisperers but world-building stuff.

And a weird, cryptic ending. Somehow that mass of people moving supplies will not outright contain Rick but will be heading to Rick? And somehow Rick was brought via helo somewhere (garbage lady Anne's peeps), then wound up on that boat, then headed north?
the wanderer
Mon Mar 23 12:11:20
or maybe the caravan is to help set up the teen Walking Dead show :p

i stumbled on this while googling, the attack was in 2018, sentencing done recently... can't recall if posted before:

A Fortnite-obsessed British maniac who used a “Walking Dead”-style baseball bat to smash a teen’s skull has been sentenced to eight years behind bars, according to a new report.

John Callis-Woosley, 18, of Middleton-by-Wirksworth, Derbyshire, is accused of bludgeoning a 16-year-old boy with a baseball bat covered with nails and the name “Lucille” written on it — just like the one used by the villain Negan in the zombie apocalypse TV show, The Sun reported.

Following the bloody November 2018 assault, Callis-Woolsey callously did a “floss” dance made popular by the Fortnite game — repeatedly swinging his arms, with clenched fists, from the back of his body to the front, according to the report.

Callis-Woosley was ordered to serve an eight-year sentence on Thursday in connection to the attack, which left his victim with brain damage and only able to walk with the aid of a frame.
the wanderer
Sun Mar 29 22:37:34

--= Show Night =--

so are they indicating Beta was a semi-famous country singer & that's why that guy may have recognized him? in any case... he seems a bit off
Cherub Cow
Mon Mar 30 04:03:29
That seems to be the case! (Semi-famous country singer)
And he's definitely lost it :D
Does using Alpha's skin to re-make his mask mean that he'll absorb her powers? ;D

Looks like maybe the remaining Whisperers will be loyal enough to Alpha's ideals that they won't just dissolve (the fact that those peeps ran to Negan and gave him control after he killed Alpha — lulz, the system works), but I wonder if Beta has finished killing subordinates for sport.. that doesn't seem like a lasting strategy. Game on for one last big Whisperer attack, then?

I'm glad that Carol's latest walkabout didn't become a multi-episode thing. The Alpha hallucination seemed to be saying that Carol "truly [wants]" just to kill? If so, that's pretty cool :D

And the crazy Tank Girl at the end reminds me of that Key&Peele post-apocalypse thing they did:
"The Worst Guy to Run Into After the Apocalypse"

Her having put a feather boas and a funny little hat on a dead baby probably was the warning sign that she's not the good kind of crazy.. though I'd think that to be hilarious :D
And she was carrying an M240 Gulf, so the power asymmetry there was nice episode closure for that group XD

(@S10E14: "Look at the Flowers")

the wanderer
Mon Mar 30 21:52:12
good K&P comparison :p she seems like the kind of character that makes more sense on the comic book page... like the Kingdom (when first shown)

still not sure if Eugene is a realistic person :p are there people who speak like that?
Cherub Cow
Tue Mar 31 03:58:44
Probably not ;D
I've never met anyone who could come up with that *many* crazy sayings. I've met maybe one or two people who would have something silly like that every once in a while, but Eugene seems to come up with them quickly and on the spot. Maybe he just practices them a lot in his free time? ;D

That reminds me of the movie « Ridicule » (1996); it was about a bunch of aristocrats who would try to appear smart and fast with come-backs and sayings, but it was just a party favor.. they all just practiced and prepared the sayings in advance and then manipulated situations that would let the sayings make sense — just to make it seem like they had thought of them on the spot. So.. maybe Eugene just has good writers for his jokes ;D
Cherub Cow
Mon Apr 06 07:43:14
(@S10E15: "The Tower")

..Yumiko was taking some really stupid chances with Juanita (crazy person) at the beginning of the episode. And she was super annoying throughout. I was thinking they wrote her in that super adversarial/confrontational tone just to sell Juanita's character development, but based on how Yumiko was treating Carol previously, Yumiko just has that character trait. I hope she doesn't last long :p

And I think Juanita was carrying a modified M240B or M240L, not M240G... (Shorter barrel on the B and L). Eugene was carrying it by the *barrel* carrying handle, which isn't good for parts' shelf life... That handle is only meant to release the barrel when it gets too hot and needs to be replaced, so if used to carry the entire weapon, it can snap off or mess up the barrel threading. That fits for Eugene's clumsy character though ;p

Daryl was a little cold-blooded with that Whisperer — reminiscent of Carl shooting that guy in the head with a silenced pistol (back at the prison). Probably good to ask more questions, even simple things like a name for reference. Makes you wonder if the Whisperers will be kind to Aaron and Alden (had to look up Alden's name). Maybe it would be too obvious for the writing to execute them like the piked-head peeps, so they might survive?

Two pep talks for the kids in this episode. Maybe they were preparing the viewership for the teen spinoff show? ;)
the wanderer
Mon Apr 06 15:01:06
normally Dwight would've appeared and killed Judith so she got lucky w/ that forest chat

i could've lived w/o the Lydia pounding on Negan til hugging cliché :p

i nominate you as our weapons expert if the need arises
Cherub Cow
Tue Apr 07 06:17:37
When apocalyptic marauders start attacking for the last TP rolls, I'll be ready ;)

"normally Dwight would've appeared and killed Judith so she got lucky w/ that forest chat"

Definitely. I can't believe people can still have these out-in-the-open conversations this late in the apocalypse :p

"i could've lived w/o the Lydia pounding on Negan til hugging cliché :p"

!! That was *so* cliché, yeah! Like a Lifetime original moment.
Anarchist Prime
Wed Apr 08 12:39:47
"And I think Juanita was carrying a modified M240B or M240L, not M240G... (Shorter barrel on the B and L). Eugene was carrying it by the *barrel* carrying handle, which isn't good for parts' shelf life... That handle is only meant to release the barrel when it gets too hot and needs to be replaced, so if used to carry the entire weapon, it can snap off or mess up the barrel threading."

I think it's for carrying...like the fn fal,m60 etc..
Cherub Cow
Fri Apr 10 08:07:57
I looked this up before posting and saw lots of division. One common theme seemed to be that people get taught how to treat their carrying handles depending on how protective of equipment they were trained to be (or, those not wanting to risk part failures would not carry it by its handle, whereas those with better $$parts replacement options$$ *would*).

Looking for more detail, this Redditor points out some issues for why that may be (this thread was about M249's similar handle):
"Carrying an M249 by the handle places a lot of stress on the barrel locking mechanism in a direction it's not particularly inclined to deal with. Doing it enough can actually strain the pin that retains the lever, and in turn the barrel itself to the receiver and cause head spacing problems when parts run out of tolerance. Worse yet, it can strain the receiver itself in a very vulnerable part ... It's a legitimate engineering flaw and not the best idea in the world to carry an M249 by the carrying handle."

People claim to have contacted manufacturer FN Herstal, who confirmed that its handle *was* designed for barrel replacement *and* carry, but again.. I think that could be a matter of how much someone can trust that those parts won't fail from stress. Even so.. with FN cutting weight for new versions and over-engineering their new handles (new M240B and M240L handles look much stronger than old M240G handles), probably avoiding the handle just falls into a dated tradition. :(

..I doubt that Eugene could hurt it, anyways ;)
Cherub Cow
Mon Apr 13 03:52:42
Arg... Walking Dead had been doing a good job releasing episodes on time despite the coronavirus, but they finally hit the wall.
According to this Forbes article from yesterday (April 12th, 2020)...
...the California governor's shutdown occurred when post-production was still about a week and a half away from finishing the finale. It sounds like they had to move equipment and stage material around to keep things going, but they're not sure how long it'll take...

AMC released this Tweet on March 24th that makes it sound like it could be weeks (or months??)..:
"Current events have unfortunately made it impossible to complete post-production of The Walking Dead Season 10 finale, so the current season will end with its 15th episode on April 5. The planned finale will appear as a special episode later in the year."

On the plus side, "special episode" could mean that when it's released it'll be a longer run time. AMC has a lot of commercials, so that only means an extra 10 minutes of actual show, but that's a nice consolation :/
the wanderer
Mon Apr 13 11:50:29
i was thinking it would be a good time to film empty streets & whatnot... chaotic hospital scenes... maybe toilet paper fights
Cherub Cow
Mon Oct 05 06:41:40
Surprise!! The show returned last night!! :D
I got an e-mail saying that it was ready for download. I hadn't heard anything before then.
The episode was followed by the premiere of "The Walking Dead: World Beyond", but I don't think I can bring myself to watch it. It looks even worse than FWD, and I don't think it's worth watching just for world-building and crossover cameos so... no thanks.


(@S10E16: "A Certain Doom")

@11:30 minutes: I can't remember if I mentioned it before, but there was suspicion that Jules from Oceanside (played by Alex Sgambati, who was a recurring guest on Craig Ferguson; on WD, she's a love interest of Luke, the musician) was another Whisperer infiltrator. That would explain the mask that washed up at Oceanside a while back. I mention it because they just showed her with the building defense group, heading out with Luke, talking about watching each other's back. That's not good — seems like confirmation D:

Maggie returns!

Hmm. They made pretty quick work of Beta. I guess it kind of *had* to be like that, just because a long fight would mean lots of attention from the horde. They also sold it by having both Negan and Daryl in play.. kind of a dream team there. And, of course, Beta had gone off the deep end..

It was a little weird seeing this after such a big break. It was definitely not a standalone episode, so it wasn't meant to be picked up in this way. It took me a minute to even remember who that was on the horse above Connie (deaf woman) — it was Virgil, the crazy guy from the island. Had to look up his name :p

Guess I was wrong! I was expecting Jules to come into play, but that didn't happen. I suppose it's possible that the Whisperers had more people who would remain loyal to the cause (that big camp couldn't have *all* died in the night fight?), but Lydia throwing away that mask seemed pretty symbolic of that entire story being over. If Jules randomly started killing and sabotaging like the weird doctor did, they'd have to introduce new leadership characters among the Whisperers, otherwise she'd be fighting for a lost cause (not impossible, just sad)..

Btw, I only *just* noticed via IMDB clicking that Gamma, who was killed by Beta earlier this season, was Thora Birch from "American Beauty" (1999) and "Ghost World" (2001). Hadn't seen her in a while.

AMC announced that they won't have a season 11 on their normal schedule (i.e., *now*). Instead, Walking Dead won't return until early next year (and that's *if* they can keep to a production schedule), and it will technically be six additional episodes for a "Season 10". So this was just a strange island of Walking Dead between the two oblivions ;p
the wanderer
Mon Oct 05 23:07:46
yeah, seemed like a finale type episode and looking into it, seems it was intended to air a long time ago, so that's it til next year

Gabriel: "just wound them"... was that to make sure they scream? evil bastard :p

my standard complaining...
why were they planning to walk off the cliff if the walkers just were doing it anyway... maybe check to see if they'd do without assistance first? :p (Carol may have wanted to die, but still odd as supposedly saving Lydia from doing it)
..also having a random fisherman at the bottom yell up "what the fuck?!" would've been nice

also the 'lets go hunt the skins' leading to huge success... how was that accomplished? and maybe just start with that then :p
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