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Utopia Talk / Politics / US rare earth goes public
Thu Jul 16 18:58:45

Probably a good buy, its too strategic atm to fail.
large member
Thu Jul 16 19:03:48
"But the company has to ship more than 50,000 tonnes of concentrated rare earths per year to China for final processing because its California equipment is not operational. Chinese customers account for all of MP's $100 million in annual revenue"

Lol. That is some 3rd world shit right there.
Thu Jul 16 19:41:32
"Reviving domestic rare earths production has become a priority in Washington as relations with China have become increasingly frayed and U.S. lawmakers warn of the dangers of relying on a competitor for critical defense components."

"MP plans to use the funds to upgrade outdated and mothballed Molycorp-era processing equipment in California."

No this is a US company doing something to make the US less reliant on China. China has threatened limiting exports as a bargaining chip in trade deals. If this company can get their equipment up to speed it is one less thing we need worry about.
Fri Jul 17 01:50:39
Too much trouble. Better to pay another 3rd-world shithole to blow up their mountains and destroy their water supplies and environment. Because that's what it takes. Otherwise, iphones would costs several thousand dollars.

That or just recycle your old electronics en masse but ain't nobody got time for that in the US.
Fri Jul 17 10:53:35
And another mine opens in Colorado.... So far Trump has followed through on this.

The Children
Fri Jul 17 10:57:34
no such thing as less reliant.

urs is a country that can barely make face masks...

Fri Jul 24 03:39:13

Japan, US, Australia and Canada have agreements in place to try and set up nore friendly supplies of REEs.

Japan found a bunch in deep sea.mud. The US has known mimes all together that's like what 15% of the world's land mass? They likely will find some more sources.
large member
Fri Jul 24 05:32:46
Anything is possible if cost is not a consideration.
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