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Utopia Talk / Politics / Why does Bezos hate Trump?
Average Ameriacn
Wed Jul 22 07:58:15
Trump is making him the richest person in the world but he still hates him. Why? I would like to order something from Amazon again, but I can't because I don't want to support Bezos. Why is he such a hater?


Jeff Bezos Adds Record $13 Billion in Single Day to Fortune

Jeff Bezos added $13 billion to his net worth on Monday, the largest single-day jump for an individual since the Bloomberg Billionaires Index was created in 2012.

Amazon.com Inc. shares surged 7.9%, the most since December 2018 on rising optimism about web shopping trends, and are now up 73% this year.
Amazon.com Inc. CEO Jeff Bezos Speaks At The National Press Club

Bezos, Amazon’s 56-year-old founder and the world’s richest person, has seen his fortune swell $74 billion in 2020 to $189.3 billion, despite the U.S. entering its worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. He’s now personally worth more than the market valuation of giants such as Exxon Mobil Corp., Nike Inc. and McDonald’s Corp.

Mackenzie Bezos, his ex-wife, gained $4.6 billion Monday and is now the 13th-richest person in the world.

Other tech titans are also enjoying a surge driven partly by people forced to stay at home and helped by the boost given to markets by unprecedented stimulus efforts by governments and central bankers. Seven of the ten richest people on the planet owe their wealth to the sector, including Elon Musk, whose fortune has soared $47 billion so far in 2020.

Facebook Inc. Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg has added almost $15 billion to his net worth so far this year, even as the company deals with brands boycotting ads on the social network.

— With assistance by Jack Witzig
Wed Jul 22 08:46:56
So why does Trump hate Bezos?
Is it because Bezos built his business and fortune from nothing?
Is it because he far out surpasses Trump who was handed a Million on his 21st birthday and got the rest of daddy's fortune when he kicked the bucket.
smart dude
Wed Jul 22 09:16:40
hmm, I heard trump was good at making deals. I mean he aced a dementia/concussion test so he must be a stable genius at the very least. btw the last 5 questions had me stumped. especially "what is today's date?” I mean ffs they didnt give me time to prepare! I aced it anyway.
Wed Jul 22 09:17:10
He is at the very top of the 1%. I guess the 1% is just a propagandist narrative for the left? It certainly seems to be so. Go figure!
sam adams
Wed Jul 22 09:40:43
Communists are butthurt
Wed Jul 22 11:50:14
There feud goes back before Trump was potus and IIRC has skmething to do with the Washington post ( owned by Bezos)
Wed Jul 22 12:05:59
Bezos' money should be distributed to all PoC in the United States, since he is totally on board with their demands.
Im better then you
2012 UP Football Champ
Wed Jul 22 12:08:12
Jeff Bezos hates all men with small penis.
Thu Jul 23 02:18:30
Not all billionaires are evil. Some actually try to do something helpful to humanity with it. And then Republicans demonize them as Antifa like they do with holocaust survivor Soros.

I'm still waiting for my Soros checks as a left-winger but alas, nothing yet.
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