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Wed Jul 22 22:30:59

Basically a local council woman (black)told a white cop " take your white self back.to.the white neighborhood"

This is sort of a racist statement. But 1, its not that bad and more importantly the lady is like 70 or something. She grew up in a different world, I know it sounds a little fucked up, but I feel like old.people can be a little racist and get away with it.

My grandmom used to tell me all sorts of shit that I personally just found funny such as " I met the nicest colored couple today"

Or the best ever was she found a can of Okra my aunt brought over to the house amd it had a fat black " mammy" on the front. She showed me and proceeded to explain that they label.food like that so they ( blacks) know what to eat.

She also grew up in Maine in the 30s, so when she was a kid she said she wasnt allowed to play with the " colored kids" meaning the Italians , also much to my delight.

She daid the first time she seen an actual black person was when she was like 20.
Thu Jul 23 06:08:29
My stepson Aspire, never met a black person until he went to boot camp when he joined the Marines.
Thu Jul 23 09:51:53
Everyone's life has to get ruined eventually
Thu Jul 23 10:10:55
Tom, checking Maine's history explains why Aspire never met a black person until he left the State.
Thu Jul 23 11:01:55
TJ, oh for sure. Especially growing up in Washington County.
smart dude
Thu Jul 23 13:03:27
aspire? jesus
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