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Average Ameriacn
Thu Jul 23 14:41:17
Read the thread title once and only once. Then do something else for 20 minutes like cleaning a gun. Then come back here and write down the words without reading them again. I bet none of you can do it.
Thu Jul 23 15:03:33
Do you get some time to memorize the string at least?
the wanderer
Thu Jul 23 17:42:23
technically, you should have someone else read you the title, then you repeat it back... do twice... then it's 5 mins later recall it

if you succeed you have (allegedly by 1 person) achieved something few others can do
Fri Jul 24 03:12:15
I use something called memory palace, sometimes. I put the things I need to remember in pockets across my body. Funny thing is, when I first heard of the method, I put it in my right front pant pocket, so I would remember it later and use it. It’s still there :D

You can expand this to you entire house and every room and drawer or any location you know by heart. So every place can be associated with things you want to remember.

Trump basically thinks he is a genius for passing a short and long term memory test.
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