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Fri Jul 24 01:37:40
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection arm confirmed on Tuesday it has deployed officers from three paramilitary-style units to join a federal crackdown on protests against police violence in Portland, Oregon.

“We have agents and officers from our special operations groups deployed,” a CBP official said in an email. The official did not respond to questions about the number of officers deployed.


“Donald Trump has no justification for deploying paramilitary troops to the streets of Portland or any other American city,” Wyden said. “These occupying forces are creating conflict, attacking peaceful protesters and making my hometown more dangerous. For Portland to find peace, Trump needs to pull unwanted federal agents out of our city immediately.”


President Donald Trump, who has been sliding in opinion polls as he seeks re-election, has vowed to also send federal agents to cities including New York, Philadelphia and Chicago, which critics said would amount to a use of federal power for political ends.


USA is increasingly authoritarian at home, and more aggressive in its hostility to free countries everywhere else. This new tyranny must end.
Fri Jul 24 03:19:27
The thing is though, that you don't actually care about Authoritarian Vs. Free societies.
The Children
Fri Jul 24 05:38:37
neither do u.
so stop pretendin.
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