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Utopia Talk / Politics / USA: Please don’t hurt us
Fri Jul 24 10:12:57
So the USA ordered China to close its consulate in Houston in 72 hours. China warned they would retaliate if the US did not reconsider. So now after 72 hours and the US has not reconsidered, China orders the US to close its consulte in Chengdu.

And now, just one hour ago the US shamelessly begs to China: ”Please don’t hurt us, please don’t close us down!”

Lol, what did they think?

The USA is increasingly hostile. This tyranny must end.

” WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House urged China on Friday not to engage in “tit-for-tat retaliation” by ordering the U.S. consulate in Chengdu closed in response to Washington’s shuttering of Beijing’s consulate in Houston.”

Fri Jul 24 10:21:30
Does it ever bother your conscience that you openly side with totalitarians?

You are the poster child for "person who grew up in the West but doesn't appreciate how great the West actually is."
Fri Jul 24 10:32:23
The US sides with Saudi Barbaria. Is siding with totalitarian regimes now a problem?

And yes, some places in the West are great. But not the US.
Fri Jul 24 10:38:58
"And yes, some places in the West are great. But not the US."

lol, so stupid.

"The US sides with Saudi Barbaria"

Sides with them against who, exactly? Iranian theocrats and Yemeni separatists?

Which liberal democratic societies are the Saudis a threat to, in your mind?
Fri Jul 24 10:43:53
Does it bother you, that your country sides with half the totalitarian regimes on this earth? I have said what I need to about parody, but you are really just mad that he sides with the other half that your country, for rather ambigious reasons, decided it does not like. Where is the principle? There is none. We all sleep like babies.
Fri Jul 24 10:45:52
You are lying bow. Your countries relationship with the Wahabis goes back, way back.
Fri Jul 24 10:46:07
Fri Jul 24 10:50:22

Saudi Arabia is led by a piece of shit government. I have no problem with saying that. I wouldn't want to be a citizen there and I don't want them to have any say in how we in the West conduct ourselves.

The difference is that Saudi Arabia isn't a rising imperial power that is attempting to project its authoritarianism on the world stage generally. Nor is it engaging in a campaign to destroy liberal freedoms in places like Hong Kong or Taiwan. And in terms of sheer scale, Saudi Arabia has nothing on what China does in terms of stripping well over a billion people of the most basic rights and freedoms.

So no, I don't accept that false equivalency.

Also, Paramount only hates Saudi Arabia because they are sometimes friendly with the Jews. Let's not dance around that point.
Fri Jul 24 11:18:34
Rugian’s problem with China seems to be that they are a rising power who may challenge the US on projecting its authoritarianism on the world stage generally.

That Saudi Barbaria strips the basic rights and freedoms of millions of people, exports wahabism, ISIS, Al-qaida, etc and is engaging in terror campaigns across the ME to project its authoritarianism and murderous ideology on the rest of the ME does not bother him or the USA. Because they are all friends, and most importantly approves of the fascist Zionist regime.

”Which liberal democratic societies are the Saudis a threat to, in your mind?

As far as I know, China has never murdered and dismembered a journalist working for an American newspaper. Only Saudi Barbaria has.

Chinese people has never attacked American buildings and murdered thousands of Americans. Saudi Barbaria has. The Saudi’s friends, the Zionists, has also attacked and murdered Americans. Read up on the USS Liberty and the Lavon affair.

Check mate. Owned. Case closed.
Fri Jul 24 11:23:36
” and is engaging in terror campaigns across the ME”

Which spills over to Europe.
The Children
Fri Jul 24 11:29:15
haha rugiot, how does it feel 2 know ur country is cryin?

didnt u guys know. usa is only country allowed 2 be rich and wealthy.

remember how amerikkkans are partyin, 2 cars, college education, all the gagdets in da world, partyin and flirtin already at age 14, vacation and holiday twice a year, movies, music, events, only amerikkkans r allowed 2 be rich and wealthy and no care in da world.

every other country needs 2 bend da knee and not also try 2 be rich. if they do try it, they will be deemed as a threat and then they will become enemies...

Fri Jul 24 11:32:02
No, not just Saudi, alot more. It is arbitrary from a principled position that just because China has ambitions you won’t give the the Saudi treatment. Obviously from the position of ”don’t challange my authority” it makes perfect sense. Whatever moral high ground there is, is built on quicksand.
Anarchist Prime
Fri Jul 24 12:10:59
Sat Jul 25 02:04:23

We just stormed the gates of the Houston consulate.....

Nimatzo, Now me personally, I should point out that I have a personal fondness to Saudis simce I grew up with a lot of them and up until we eventually lost touch with them still exchanged holiday cards. He'll Nah-zee lived at my house during the Gulf war and taught me some Karate.Hinestly some of the friendliest people I've ever met my family even attended Mosque with them and they came to Church with us.

But China is a different situation than SA for several reasons.

1. The whole point of Opening up China was the thought that they would become more liberal , hey are not improving their behaviour, quite the opposite.

1a. for all of Sas faults they are heading into a more liberal society, I dont ask for perfection only progress.

2.SA does not invade and subjugate people's against there will and China has a bad record of pushing territorial claims more and more to do just that, again it goes back to
The direction they ate heading.

No state is perfect, the US jas done horrible things. I find it funny that its Euros who seem to most often like to dredge up the past offences the US has made. Paramount just recently posted the horrors of US internment camps fornthe Japanese
Sat Jul 25 02:06:05
No state is perfect, the US jas done horrible things. I find it funny that its Euros who seem to most often like to dredge up the past offences the US has made. Paramount just recently posted the horrors of US internment camps for the Japanese.

Think about that, Europeans talking shit about US camps of WWII, that is Gaul if ever seen it considering the sorts of camps they jad at the exact same time.
Sat Jul 25 08:23:36
Let Saudi-Arabia transform your weak societies

Sat Jul 25 08:29:29
"Over the past decade, Saudi Arabia has been the largest source of donations from Islamic states and royal families to British universities, much of which is devoted to the study of Islam, the Middle East and Arabic literature."

Doesnt sound so bad.
Sat Jul 25 08:32:45
The Economist - Homepage

A wild ride
Radical reforms in Saudi Arabia are changing the Gulf and the Arab world
The crown prince is liberalising social norms and the economy, but clamping down on political dissent, says Anton La Guardia

Special report
Jun 21st 2018 edition
Jun 21st 2018
YEAR AFTER YEAR Arwa Alneami’s pictures of women at an amusement park captured the obsessions of Saudi Arabia’s killjoy religious police. On “the ship”, a wild-swinging ride, black-clad women and white-robed men were made to sit at opposite ends. When they started throwing telephone numbers to each other, men and women had to take turns (pictured). The ship then sprouted opaque plastic sides to prevent men from looking at the women, and bright lights to dazzle the gawpers.

Then suddenly last year the mutawaeen disappeared. The Committee for the Prevention of Vice and the Promotion of Virtue, to give them their formal title, no longer have the power to enforce public morality. These days the Saudi state is all about promoting fun: concerts, fashion, art, sport. The ratchet of social rules has gone into reverse. Along with the muezzin’s call to prayer the unfamiliar sound of laughter can be heard.
Sat Jul 25 09:07:25
Now if SA was getting stricter, and trying to spread and enforce its ways on weaker more liberel societies that be a different story.

Plus there is the self servingness, the Chinese are rampant thieves, stealing everything that isnt nailed down, something else that was thought would eventually end and yet it seems to just get worse.Costing us likely trillions.

While SA buys US military equipment like its going out of style.
The Children
Sat Jul 25 09:47:33
yes u just stormed...

in a barbaric shameless completely out of touch move, u just broke in like thieves and bandits and showed the world ur barbaric minds...

Sat Jul 25 12:19:09

When did I say that we should work to have the entire world embrace liberal democracy? One, that's an impossible task to accomplish. Two, not everyone believes in liberal democratic values and it is not for us to force it upon them. If some people want to live under an Islamic theocracy, well I disagree with that outlook but I respect their right to do so.

But in regards to the Saudis/anyone else you want to bring up, their threat to liberal democratic values is mostly limited to their own domestic front. Only China represents a threat to our values in the West itself, especially if European countries willingly choose to place themselves closer within China's economic orbit. And only China is actively conducting campaigns to suppress liberal/democratic values in places that currently enjoy them.

So again, you are looking at this the wrong way. We can all agree that Saudi Arabia is a garbage regime, but it doesn't represent an existential threat to us or our values. China does. And that's why everyone who believes in the "West" needs to start standing up and opposing China.
Sat Jul 25 12:23:07
And yes, the US does engage in relations with countries with shitty human rights records. Pretty much every country on the planet, including Sweden, does this. Realpolitik is never going to not be a thin.

But even realpolitik has its limits. When a country is both an enemy of everything we hold of value and has the means and motivation to destroy said values, you just can't tolerate them. You just can't.

The Children
Sat Jul 25 12:57:45
nope, everyone that stands against colonialism and white supremism and racism, and constant warfare and invasions need 2 stand against ur country.

the wanderer
Sat Jul 25 13:12:45
Trump has no problem w/ how China is run... or Saudis or Russia or N Korea

even on the one issue he's allegedly tough on China about (trade) he says he only blames us for letting it happen
Sat Jul 25 13:15:04
Trump, Netanyahu, Bolsonaro and their allies in Hungary, Poland and India are together a more imminent threat to liberal democracy than China is, Rugina.
Sat Jul 25 13:36:11
"When did I say that we should work to have the entire world embrace liberal democracy?"

The operative word being "work". Ok, well if you don't then for me and anyone else that isn't a US citizen, your actions vs China's actions must be viewed through the lens of: what is short term and long term beneficial for us and the spread of liberal democratic values. Sometimes that means siding with China to weaken the US and sometimes with the US to weaken China.

"We can all agree that Saudi Arabia is a garbage regime, but it doesn't represent an existential threat to us or our values. China does."

How many regime change wars have China fought, that did not involve Americans? Zero?

You have us very confused Murica and we warned you, but you where like na uh this is 4D chess, we warned you, we said this is retarded, but you said lol, no this is stable genius. Well, here we are.

You had one job. Be the good guys, failing that you had a sweet week-end gig. Don't act retarded.
The Children
Sat Jul 25 16:02:27
them was never da goods guys, u idiot.

time reveals all.

i look back in history, murica has a war every 3 years on average. look at how they tried 2 colonize asia and invaded asians, and then latin america and then the middle east.

was they all have in common. non white. thats what.

deep deep deep in the core of the deepstate, it is run by anglo supremists racists.

now look at last 10 years when they started 2 freak out and shellshocked by china.

now alls is clear. everything has been a murican attack.
climate change (china this china that but years after, it will withdraw from any climate agreement while china has met all requirements)
- huawei, false attacks, laws that become law retroactively, illegal sanctions, iran deal withdrawn etc, illegal kidnappin
- constant racist attacks, chinese cant innovate, arent smart enough (we gots twice there IQ lmao), they only steal, they steal our jobs our ips, our women, our lands, our diginity, our planet, our oxygen???

- hong kong
- trade war
- south china sea
- east china sea, these issues were there for decades and never a problem untill usa started gettin involved. its aim is clear. 2 bully china and blackball china 2 the world and try 2 sell china as agressor.
it is never mentioned that all the other countries in the region are equally arguin with eachother and that china is just 1 country there arguing with them.

the other countries stole most of the islands, and when china builds its own island rather than steal it, it gets blamed.

the whitey americans never mention there own colonial history how they took/ stole all the pacific islands in the pacific, guam, wake, midway, lets remind folks of bikini atoll. what happened at bikini atoll.

well u see the whiteys wanted 2 test a nuke and u dunt do that in the place u shit, so they went to bikini atoll, sold a sob story to the locals and promised them they culd return there afterwards (fully knowin it was a lie) then dropped nukes.

a pacific paradise ruined forever and ever. and the locals never got there land and island back. they were stolen and robbed just like that. displaced by the great white men.

the history of the colonists. forever stealin and robbing.

butbutbut chaaaynnnaaa is the bad guy????

get the f outta here.

- now they wanna accuse china of uygurs. holy fuckin shit. after they colonized and invaded the middle east, they realized what they done and now try 2 create a wedge between muslims and chinese.

where was the outcry when they put uyghurs in guantanomo bay. but now it is an issue? theres hundreds of videos by now showing the real situation, uyghurs r livin happily and being taught skills and language.

and they try 2 paint it off as nazi style concentration camps. using fake sources and fake footage.

holy shit, they even accuse chaaayana of genocide.
the population of uyghurs DOUBLED in the last 70 years. In iraq 400k people died from usa invasion!

if china was genocidin uyghurs then how come after 70 years they still failin at it?
they can test 11 million people with corona in a WEEK but cant genocide 10 mill uyghurs in 70 years?

its complete bullshit, thats why.

protect the sea routes and trade? the sea routes lead to china and they are ships going to and from china for trade.

So ur tryin 2 protect the trade with chaaayna from....Chayaaaanna???

F these racists.
they want to colonize china but the world knows.
thats why murica only has other anglo colonizers whitey supremists countries backin them and a few coerced "friends".

Sat Jul 25 17:37:01
Nimatzo, "How many regime change wars have China fought, that did not involve Americans? Zero?"

I suppose that depends on your definition. In HK they very much so habe installed there guy in Lam. Not technically a war, but close enough.

Tibet? That definitely was a regime change, to there CCP rule.

Xinjiang uprisings. Now they have concentration camps for Ouighers Where they arrest the men for no crime, install han Chinese men to be newnheads of household, that's borderline genocide.

They have openly threatened Taiwan with military force. And not 50. 60 years ago, like currently.

They've already shown there willingness to silence dissent internally and abroad. Look at Australia , first tarriffs formerley requesting an inquiry into covid 19, now they are bumping into the PL navy.

Now, the EU routinely bumps heads with the US and they have called for inquiries the US response is usually, yeah well suck my dick. No military threats or even sanctions which we are fond of.
Sat Jul 25 17:38:44
Tc watches too many government sponsored CCP action films. He actually supports modern colonialism like HK.
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