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Utopia Talk / Politics / Sides are forming US v china
Sat Jul 25 05:30:55

Its not just a rift between the US and China anymore. They are lashing out at The UK, India and Australia as well all closley aligned with the US more and more. SK, Taiwan and Japan see a more hostile China daily. Even Canada, for fucks sake if you can't get along with Australia and Canada there's something wrong with you.

Trump/Pompeo's " global coalition against China" is growing.

It doesn't help that China has sanctiined Australia for asking for an investigation into covid 19 and then just 2 days ago the PLN bumped into the OZ Navy.

Some in OZ are calling to cut ties with the Chinese.
Sat Jul 25 05:39:53
I really, really, really want to be one side with the USA. Could you get rid of Trump, please?
Sat Jul 25 06:19:35
If nothing changes politically you may get ypur wish.
The Children
Sat Jul 25 06:33:17
ur outnumbered already, kid. what the hell r u even smoking.

look at ur socalled side...it consist of coerced nations and somehow u think they r gonna stand 4 u lololol.

and whats wrong with sanctionin the poodle aussiedog...

they been barkin by ur command since january.

they been running racists crap on national tv for over 6 months now. a racists white person never changes and it shows.

australia is a redneck state of the usa and is doing ur biddin.

commandin an investigation lmao. a country that barely got hit by corona is barkin the loudest for an investigation becoz "its an attack"

u prolly think the rest of the world is stupid.

and now they got sanctioned. thats right, go bark ur stinky mouth elsewhere.

the rest of the world ignored australia becoz it recognized a poodle when they saw 1. and now they run there racists rants nonstop 24/7 on tv.

nobody gives a fuck about kangarooland.
Sat Jul 25 06:39:27
Eell, there has always been a conflict between India and China. About UK, Canada and Australia.... the US has probably been bullying them to do anti-Chinese things. Probably been threatening them in some ways. Like in the case of the UK, if you don’t scrap Huawei then we won’t make business with you. To Canada they said some similar, if you don’t arrest the ceo of Huawei then.... [insert threat here]. To Australia they made similar threats. Just remember that the relations weren’t this bad until the US decided to start a trade war and then used bully tactics against its friends and thus forcing them to join USA’s tyranny.
Sat Jul 25 06:42:14
* Well, not Eell
Sat Jul 25 06:44:27
Daemon, Tbh, Biden has that going for him. He is no Obama but the EU joining the coalition is a game changer and they can barley stomach Trump.

However the question os does Bidens camp have the balls to take on China head on like Trump has, Obama didn't but considering popular opinion in the US he may not have a choice, even most Dems despise China. More importantly many Democratic heavyweight donors like Silicon Valley dont like China.

Tc, You have no one pf substance, 3rd world nobody's and failed states. The best suporter you have is Russia who likes China but does not want to see China become a regional power greater than Russia.
The Children
Sat Jul 25 09:48:53
habebe thinks a few coerced nations somehow mean anything.

the rest of the world knows whose the true side of justice.

Sat Jul 25 09:58:55
Paramount, So your saying that China did nothing to these nations and has been just chill with them and along comes the US all " hate on China or else,.... ?

Lets look at each situation individually before we rush to silly judgements.
Sat Jul 25 10:15:30
Now I know why americans are dumb. Pompeo gives a hint:

” U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the consulate had been “a hub of spying and intellectual property theft””

China stole your intellect. You have no intellect left :)
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