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Utopia Talk / Politics / u GREEDY COCKSUCKERS!!
The Children
Mon Jul 27 10:38:01
what he said.


The Children
Mon Jul 27 12:12:07
u shittin me? a plan.

a _plan_?

wtf is a plan. lmao.

what plan a plan 4 what. its a hoax remember. its chaaayna. its a hoax or it is chaaaynaaaaaaaaaa.

chaaayna doesnt even test. chaaayna must be lying about da real numbas u shitbags.

Mon Jul 27 17:13:50
You know who is terrible? Nike. They use Chinese slave labor ( uighers)

Its wrong for any company, US companies included.

Its wrong for German VW to do the same.

And its wrong for China to enslave them.

Plenty of blame to go around. Neither wrong act cancels out the other. Wrong is wrong.
The Children
Tue Jul 28 00:09:19
nobody uses any slave labors u dumb piece of shit.

nobody put ughurs on trains for transport (even if they did, its simply con air) but it never happened becoz its fake. already confirmed fake.

nobody had ughurs forced workin in shitty shoe factories, those were brazilian factories, confirmed fake. but even if they did, its called jobs program.

nobody had cut and shaved ughurs hair, its confirmed fake, its synthetic hair not human hair. but even if it was true, human hair is a commodity, notting wrong with it.

and nobody has ughurs in camps, these are schools and certainly not 2 million of them.

usa has 2 million inmates and that requires more than 6000 facilities to house them.

u r tryin 2 accuse china for havin 6000 camps. do u now see how fuckin ridiculous ur deepstate fake propaganda claims are.

The Children
Tue Jul 28 00:24:41
r u literally THIS stupid, boy.

are u.


The Children
Tue Jul 28 00:26:02
omg these ughurs r so oppressed...why arent there heads bald and why arent they back into slavery.


u fuckin white dumb piece of shit.

Tue Jul 28 01:11:15
Hahaha r/sino.
Tue Jul 28 01:15:24

Watch til the part where they show the song they make them sing.
The Children
Tue Jul 28 11:07:25
sino is fact.

hahaha muricah
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