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Utopia Talk / Politics / MLB Season Over Already?
Mon Jul 27 11:41:58
Miami Marlins reported "at least 14" positive tests today after playing yesterday despite several players testing positive.

Marlins -Orioles and Yankees-Phillies games cancelled today(Phillies played the Marlins over the weekend).

So... any hope of them completing the season?
Renzo Marquez
Mon Jul 27 11:57:12
Doesn't look like it. MLB and NFL were too retarded to try the "bubble" method. NFL owner retards are still debating how many fans they will allow in the stadiums.
Mon Jul 27 12:14:39
I think you can partially blame MLBPA for not going with the bubble.

But yeah, I imagine in the next couple of weeks the season will be postponed indefinitely.
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