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Mon Jul 27 12:02:59
Who exactly are these Federal Troops being sent to Portland and now Chicago?
Where did they come from?
What is their training?
Who do they report to?
Who is giving them their orders?
Are they coordinating with local or state authorities?
Where are they taking those they arrest?
Is this or these units special forces formed by Trump?
Mon Jul 27 12:08:01
Some of them come from CBP.
Mon Jul 27 12:57:46
Little green men come to America.

Straight out of the Putin play book.
the wanderer
Mon Jul 27 20:29:20
CBP doing the kidnappings
US Marshalls doing the assaults

though they may trade duties

probably DHS is the top of chain... which has an 'acting' head, like all positions in this admin, as why bother with congressional approval when you apparently don't have to
the wanderer
Mon Jul 27 21:29:12
with them wearing barely any identifying material, any group of friends could just dress up in military fatigues and go rough up people
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