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Utopia Talk / Politics / ughurs arent enslaved or encamped
The Children
Fri Jul 31 05:32:23
First, the UN never said it was, as claimed by shitty anglos.

Second, anglos never have any sources other than anglo conservative thinktanks citin other think tanks and "secretive witnesses"

(like how iraqis were throwin babies down from the buildings).

adrianzenz is also another lunatic. everyone knows.

so lets finally end this.
there are no intern camps and if there were, they were never as large as 1 mill.


i have seen 100s of other videos from tourists and media of xinjiang. everyone lives happily as much as life allows it (coz being poor sucks every where in the world lets be honest).

but they sure as fuck aint being enslaved like whitey anglo media claims it to be and spreads it out like fact.

as if there are actual people being whipped and heads being shaved waitin for the gas chamber.

these fuckin lying pieces of crap.

lets just look at the last 40 years of us imperialism vs "chinese policy"

every country that the land of the free "freedommed!" has turned into a shithole and collapsed.


but china actually using socialism and language learning, jobs and skills to better minorities lives, is deemed evil by these anglo lying cunts.

god forbid, a country actually usin jobs and skills 2 improve minorities lives.
like who the fuckin hell does that.
how dare china!

maybe this is why no middle eastern country even sides with any anglo horseshit.


lol so oppressed. they have bars, night clubs, people skate and walk freely, shops everywhere. so oppressed!!! like how dare china not turn this place into a iraq!!!

Fri Jul 31 06:38:25
How about am jazeera? Is that Anglo news?
Fri Jul 31 08:08:33
By accusing China of various stuff, Pompeo and Trump hopes to drive attention away from the US rape camps.

First of all the US has been running a concentration at Guantanamo for 20 years where they keep muslims imprisoned without any charge. Totally innocent people has been imprisoned there for years. Only god knows how many people has been tortured to death there.

Secondly, look at this, the US has also opened up rape camps where they keep children in tiny cages!


”Thousands of migrant children were sexually abused in U.S. custody”


Children in US custody are being raped^

Does Pedo Pompeo want to talk about this? NO of course not, so his strategy is instead to blame China for something, as a distraction, so the US can continue to keep children in tiny cages and rape them!
Fri Jul 31 08:15:08
Paramount, Again your sole is " But the US did some fucked up shit"

How do two wrongs make a right?
Fri Jul 31 08:20:13
Is that all you’ve got to say? Instead, you should be on the streets demanding that the entire US administration resigns from humanity and go directly to jail for this.

”they’re being gassed, exposed to corona virus, raped by staff, sitting in their own pee & shit, children going “missing”, & so much other horrible things. no matter what ur views on illegal immigration is, u shouldn’t be ok with is. they’re fucking kids.”

Fri Jul 31 08:28:53
Paramount, Ok, but if you want tostart a thread on that go do so. What does that have to do with CCP treatment of Uighers nd a few others?

Will you defend CCP treatment of uighers on there own merits?
Fri Jul 31 09:13:27
I already have a thread for this http://www...hread=85896&time=1592189539315

I just wanted to point out in this thread why I think the US have been accusing China lately for having camps. I think it is because Pedo Pompeo wants to divert attention from the US child rape camps.
Fri Jul 31 09:52:50
Why have all the other people been saying it? Are the Turks in on the pompeo scandals too?
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