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Utopia Talk / Politics / (OT) Hats
Sat Aug 01 10:57:23
If you look at old movies and photographies that date back 100 years or so, literally everyone is wearing a hat back then. Men, women and even children are running around with hats on their heads. Why is that? Why did everyone wear a hat back in the old times?

Was it because people were supposed to greet eachother with a hat back then? Like, when they say hello to someone they are supposed take off their hat and wave it in the air?

This is a movie from my city http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mG2zXuFnleE

Notice also how all the ladies were wearing skirts back then? Not a single woman were wearing men’s clothing like trousers/jeans, boots and clothes like that.
Sat Aug 01 11:23:06

God wants you to wear a hat.
Sat Aug 01 11:39:48
Back then, there were not a lot of hair products. So, most of the time people had really bad hair days. A hat was an easy and practical way of hiding your shitty hair.
Sat Aug 01 11:43:01
That makes sense. Plus not as common to get a good haircut.
Wrath of Orion
Sat Aug 01 16:07:05
Sat Aug 01 16:28:45
The short answer is there are several reasons. In addition to nimatzo's explanation, people have always been slaves to fashion and followed the lead of what the celebrities of the time were wearing. One of the British kings popularized the homburg hat, and Teddy Roosevelt popularized the straw hat for a time.
Sat Aug 01 16:40:33
Also, there was the Jewish conspiracy.

They often wore hats to hide there Jew-curls. Plus they wanted to make more money ( sounds obvious) since Jews controlled the hat trade for millennia. Why do you think Hood goes by such a name? Its a subtle threat to his hat ties.

But the old school hats had driven them mad from mercury poisoning. Combime that with there natural predisposition to evil and bam , hats why jews made communism and eat babies.
Sat Aug 01 17:13:07
It is possible people had bad hair days, but I don’t know if everyone had a bad hair day every day?

Fashion is maybe one reason why everyone wore hats, and norms.

”Head coverings were worn in situations which now seem inappropriate. Not only was it unacceptable to go into the street without a hat regardless of one's social status, but in the nineteenth century, some form of head covering was often worn indoors.”
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