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Fat Fag
Tue Oct 06 16:13:10

Fertility doctor fathered 17 children, Zwolle hospital confirms

October 6, 2020

A gynaecologist from the former Sophia hospital in Zwolle fathered at least 17 children between 1981 and 1993 using his own sperm without informing the parents, the hospital has confirmed. Jan Wildschut, who has since died, worked in the hospital’s artificial insemination unit and has been unmasked following a number of matches between apparently unrelated children in several commercial DNA banks. The parents of one donor child approached the hospital, now renamed the Isala hospital, in 2019, an event which resulted in a meeting between a number of donor children and Wildschut’s ‘official’ offspring.

The hospital has named the doctor’s acts ‘morally unacceptable’. There may be more children but the hospital records do not give any more details, the website statement said. The hospital has now put together a DNA profile of Wildschut so that donor children who want to know if he is their biological father can sign up for a free test. The children, both legal and donor, have decided to go public for multiple reasons, the statement said. In particular, they hope to encourage more openness about donor conception and to head off the risk of birth defects if siblings have children together without knowing they are related.

Other cases

The case is similar to that of fertility specialist Jan Karbaat who is known to have fathered at least 49 children. Karbaat ran a fertility clinic in the Rotterdam suburb of Barendrecht for nearly 30 years until it was shut down in 2009 for failing to meet storage standards, and administrative irregularities. Dutch law limits the number of people who can be conceived from one sperm donor to 25, and since 2004, children have the right to find out their donor’s identity when they are 16.
Tue Oct 06 16:20:51
Zwolle? 17 kids is like half of the Netherlands' entire annual births. Give the guy a medal or something.
Tue Oct 06 16:35:13
I heard the tale of Dr, Finger today, a similar story, if I may

A patient said a Florida doctor put his penis in her hand. He’s been accused before

By David J. NealSeptember 13, 2020 12:17 PM

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Even without the accusations of unwanted penis placement from a March patient, the Florida Department of Health says Jacksonville Beach chiropractor Dr. Kenneth Finger’s conduct violated terms of a 2015 settlement agreement.

Finger treated the 20-year-old woman without a chaperone in the room, according to the emergency restriction order (ERO) filed last week.

Part of the aforementioned settlement agreement stated Finger isn’t allowed to see female patients without a chaperone in the room. In 2014, a patient said Finger, in the midst of a pain massage, “bent down over (the patient), placed his finger in her vagina, and performed oral sex on her for approximately one minute.”

The settlement agreement put Finger on probation with the Board of Chiropractice Medicine, but allowed him to officially neither admit nor deny the allegations. Duval County online court records say a malpractice civil suit was filed against Finger in 2016 by someone with the same first and last initials as the patient in the in 2014 incident. After no activity on the case since 2016, it got administratively closed in 2020.

No criminal charges were filed in that incident nor after the allegations made after March 20 visit at First Coast Chiropractic.

The ERO says during the session that Finger told the patient to turn over onto her stomach so he could perform needle acupuncture at the top of her right leg. As the patient’s arms hung below the massage table, past the arm rests...

“Dr. Finger moved his body forward, close to (the patient), and placed his erect penis into both of her hands,” the ERO reads. “At the time of placing his erect penis in (the patient’s) hands, Dr. Finger was wearing khaki pants and a tucked in shirt. (The patient) felt uncomfortable with Dr. Finger’s conduct. (She) moved her hand away from Dr. Finger’s penis. Dr. Finger moved closer to (the patient) and again placed his erect penis in her hands.”

The patient told the Department of Health Finger’s voice was “shaky and stuttering.” Afterwards, the ERO said, she felt “violated, embarrassed and disgusted.”

The restriction on Finger’s license? He’s no longer allowed to see female patients.


Last sentence is fuckin bullshit and clearly shows how men are discriminated against and hated. Trump should look into this
Tue Oct 06 23:18:39
You can’t grab women by the pussy. You can’t put your penis in their hands. Men are so cruelly oppressed in today’s America.
Wed Oct 07 04:40:33
Very strange that you would feel some perverted sense of solidarity with gropers and rapists, dickhat. Your sentiment is only 1 step removed from ”bla bla bla Hitler - Humans are so cruel”. I understand the poetic nature of lamentation, but it is of limited relevance, more importsntly it quickly loses meaning when it is used as a political cudgle. All in all, you are a fucking idiot and everything wrong with humanity. Our specie would have a bright future, if it was not full of shallow retards without an internal moral compass. People who are simply mimicing what they think is good and moral behavior and barely passing as a sapien.

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