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Wed Oct 07 12:08:25
Mail in because im lazy and i know cali is going blue no matter what. Anyone who claims mail in ballots cant be done fraudulently is full of shit. All i had to give was my name and address, both of which are given by the letter of the mail in ballot.
Wed Oct 07 12:31:31
Congratulations on doing your civic duty, but as you noted it is literally worth nothing.

California not only has mail-in voting, but legal ballot harvesting as well. Combine that with the cronyism associated with your one-party state, and there's zero chance that fraud isnt going on.
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Wed Oct 07 12:33:32
The claim is that any fraud on a scale to turn an election would be obvious. if you wanna prove me wrong request and mail-in enough ballots to turn Cali red.
Wed Oct 07 16:56:37
How many fraudulent votes are necessary to turn an election?
large member
Wed Oct 07 17:11:52
If you want to imagine criminal activity, then go with holding up convenience stores.

That is where the big money is...comparatively speaking.

There are statistics on voting fraud you know. It barely ever happens.

Because each vote is worth very little and a lot of effort is required.
Wed Oct 07 17:25:56
What is "barely ever" jergul, give me a number.
large member
Wed Oct 07 17:34:20
0,00001% of votes cast. Give or take a few orders of magnitude. Google and see. Its a crime your criminal justice system takes seriously.

Remember that 80% of registered voters vote. So would catch the fraudulent mail in vote in most cases as two votes are checked against the voter registry.

You can trust me. I would be more than happy to invalidate your political system, but of all the democratic problems you have, fraudulent voting is a negligible one.
Wed Oct 07 20:05:50
GWB won by 537 votes. Local elections have been won on even fewer.

2018: The Democratic primary for Baltimore County executive in July was decided by just 17 votes.

2017: A Virginia House of Delegates race ended in a tie out of more than 23,000 votes cast. The tie was broken by pulling a name, placed in a film canister, out of a bowl. Republican David Yancey was declared the winner. The result was heightened by the fact that the win gave Republicans control of the state House by a single seat.

2016: A Vermont state Senate Democratic primary was determined by a single vote out of more than 7,400 cast.

2016: A Vermont state House seat was determined by one vote out of 2,000. Here's what's really crazy: This was a rematch, and when they first faced each other in 2010, the race was also decided by one vote — in the other direction.

2016: A New Mexico state House seat was decided by two votes out of almost 14,000.

2016: The margin on Election Day for a GOP primary for the U.S. House for the 5th Congressional seat from Arizona was just 16 votes, but it widened to 27 after a recount.

2016: A Wyoming state House GOP primary was decided by just one vote, 583 to 582.

2010: A state House race in Massachusetts ended in a tie, and the courts ordered a do-over. In the rerun, Republican Peter Durant wound up winning by just 56 votes out of about 8,000 cast.

2010: A state House race in Vermont was determined by one vote; another had a one-difference vote on Election Day, but was later widened to two).

2008: In the U.S. Senate race, Democrat Al Franken defeated Republican Norm Coleman by just 312 votes out of almost 2.9 million votes cast. Franken's win gave Democrats a 60-vote supermajority in the Senate.


There are plenty more examples on the page, but these are fhe most recent.
Wed Oct 07 21:30:48
Damnit you ruined my trap.
Wed Oct 07 22:56:37
Cuckservatives: "Wah, wah, look at all these imagined crimes against me. We're justified in being fascist morons!"
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