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Utopia Talk / Politics / Hey Daemon or any Euros
Fri Oct 09 15:58:37
Is this true?
Fri Oct 09 16:20:07
I think it is true. But it's weird if she doesn’t have bodyguards. Daemon is probably the right person to answer this question.
Fri Oct 09 17:17:16
I try:

"She is Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, currently the world's most respected leader"
Well not all like her, but I guess it's easy to be more respected than Trump.

"a physics and chemical scientist turned politician (she speaks German, English and Russian perfectly)."
"She obtained a doctorate in quantum chemistry in 1986 and worked as a research scientist until 1989"
I don't know which languages she speaks, but German for sure^^
Growing up in East Germany she may speak Russian.
Here you can hear her speaking English:

"However, she receives no free state service, no housing, no electricity, no gas, no entertainment expenses, no personal chef, no water, no free phone from the Federal Republic of Germany budget, and lives her life humbly like any other German citizen."
She gets paid for being Chancellor, should be about $300K/year. I had to look it up: she could use an official residence but would have to pay for it.
She has a car and driver, but must pay for it if she would use it for private purposes.

"She does her own shopping (in the photo, in a Berlin Supermarket), carries her own shopping bags, pays for her purchases and if she receives a parking ticket, she pays out of her own pocket."
The photo is a few months old but is true as far as I know.
I don't know much about her private life, she usually makes no big show of it. I can't remember any private scandal from her life.

She has already said that she will not try to become chancellor again next year. Her party CDU is currently choosing among 3 men who will attempt to get chancellor next year, I don't like any of them...

I like her personality and her calmness, but I do not agree with several of her major decisions. For example I think that we abandon nuclear power too quickly.
Fri Oct 09 17:32:58
This woman accomplished Hitler's dream of conquering Europe (albeit by stealth via the EU). Something tells me money isnt exactly a major concern for her.

Fri Oct 09 17:45:49
To me it seems odd for a head of state to be grocery shopping.

I guess she also doesn't live at the office.
Fri Oct 09 20:11:11
*Head of government

Some guy that you and I have never heard of is head of state.
Fri Oct 09 20:18:23
Which is fucking retarded, btw.

At least with the British, the monarchy has been around long enough that people can say "eh, can't end centuries of tradition just on a whim."

Germany on the other hand CONSCIOUSLY made the decision to create the position of "powerless presidential fucktard." Good job guys.

Fri Oct 09 21:00:07
Rugian, Steinmeier ( googled it)

Well, yeah. We will just call her Die Fuhrer.

Plus with the Brits its a net benefit to keep the crown, they drive tourism. No one visits Germany to see Steinmeier, not even his wife.

The Queen is German anyway, Saxe-Gotha something or other.GWB GWB is actually her 11th cousin once removed.

But back to the wierd part, major world leader having to grocery shop. You would think she has more important matters to attend to.
Sat Oct 10 04:34:08
Rugian: "This woman accomplished Hitler's dream of conquering Europe"

Sat Oct 10 04:35:45
More important things like Tweeting random thoughts, accusations, declarations, edicts, rants, etc. etc. That's what real leaders do. They don't have time to shop like normal people.
Sat Oct 10 04:37:34
I think the last POTUS to be anything close would be Harry Truman.
Sat Oct 10 05:04:10
Trump has no time for shopping because he has to inspect his golf courses, very important!
Sat Oct 10 05:09:06
I Doubt Trump ever did his own food shopping other than publicity stunts.

He did purchase a tasty cake at one of the Wawas I used to landscape ( KoP)

It just seems odd since I doubt any major state Governors do it. Hell with the gig economy a big portion of busy people just pay some service to do it.
Sat Oct 10 05:12:57
"busy people"

Trump binge watching TV.
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