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Utopia Talk / Politics / Terry Schiavo 2.0?
Sat Oct 10 02:50:33

Long story, 10 month old Was found unconscious in a tub, the family is suing to keep him on life support, thw hospital has said he is brain dead, the family argues that some brain functions are working.

Judge says to kill the baby Monday at 5 pm.

During this election cycle? If I were Trumps campaign manager I would jump on this. The pro lifers would love this, and hes a cute little Mexican baby, politically this is win win.
Sat Oct 10 04:41:46
Well Trump is on a first name basis with God. Let him come and lay a healing on the baby. Or for that matter where are all the Holy Joe's that claim they are Faith Healers. We could make it a game show "Who will save the baby" Staring Donald J. Trump and the Evangelical Five.
Sat Oct 10 05:03:42
Don't be ridiculous, for obvious reasons there would be 12 , not 5.
Sat Oct 10 10:10:06
1. Why was a fucking ten month old left alone in a tub
2. They don't understand cerebellum function, lol
3. If he's being cut off, their request for hospice care should be granted.
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