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Utopia Talk / Politics / Trump: Uniting the world
Sun Oct 11 12:02:15
Who else could unite Israel,The Taliban nd white supremacists?

CBS claims the Taliban endorsed Trump, but the guy they spoke to denies it and said he claimed Trump fulfills his promises of removing US troops.
Sun Oct 11 12:07:42
I endorse Trump.

Would even donate to his campaign if he had killed Assad like he wanted to, but he is a little bit weak as leader when the deep state was able to stop him.
Sun Oct 11 12:08:20
Trump uniting Saudi ISIS, Israel and white supremacists (nazis) and the Talibans.

^ That is not ”the world” though. He is just uniting the scum :)
Sun Oct 11 12:13:04
Hes uniting the parts of the world that have positive RNI. Aka the parts of the world that actually have a future.
Sun Oct 11 12:22:18
Groups that hate eachother that much though, its impressive.

Again though, this sounds like media spin as the guy who supposedly said this on a phone interview denies it and clarifies that he supports US troop removal from Afghanistan.
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