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Utopia Talk / Politics / CA GOP ballot boxgate
Mon Oct 12 12:50:34
"California Republicans Have Installed Fake Ballot Boxes at Churches, Gyms, and Gun Stores"

So this is the Vice headline very outlet has an article on it.

Now obviously they were only going for den votes why would they place them in churches, gyms ans gun stores?

I guess wveryone goes to thw gym, but I doubt many CA Biden voters go to churches and gun stores.

Now the argument comes down to whether or not a ballot box offered by the GOP co stories giving a person the right to collect votes.

the wanderer
Mon Oct 12 13:16:28
it's GOP operatives who have the keys to gather the ballots

and they are putting signs saying "official" dop boxes... deliberate deception
Mon Oct 12 13:46:45
Whos votes are they deceptivley trying to take at Churches and gun stores?

I mean ifnthey posted them at gay bars and crack houses Id say yeah they're going after liberal votes.
Mon Oct 12 14:21:50
I don't get this "democrats don't go to church" shit. Blacks and hispanics are a very highly religious group; they vote majority democrat. Even white liberals are likely far more religious than they are made out to be.

Gun stores may not make huge amounts of sense, but hells yeah churches do. Put it on the right church and you're targeting the very voters the right routinely tries to suppress: the minority votes.
the wanderer
Mon Oct 12 14:32:41
it's wrong even if they are properly delivering all ballots

as to possible motives
- make it easier for GOP voters to vote (if outside a primarily GOP voter area)
- happily have the news stories out to show danger of drop boxes so they get limited in other states (R's hate ease in voting in general)
- if totally corrupt, they're holding ballots up to the light or other means to determine vote & trashing D votes

it's wrong no matter how you slice it... people aren't just allowed to put out drop boxes anywhere they want (plus labeling them 'official' is extra disgraceful)

then some are defending it citing a law that lets someone designate another person to deliver their ballot... as if being tricked into putting your ballot in a fake box w/ unknown theoretical deliverer fits the spirit of that law
Mon Oct 12 14:35:27
"as to possible motives
- make it easier for GOP voters to vote"

How devious.
the wanderer
Mon Oct 12 14:38:59
yeah it is devious, as they actively try to make it hard for D's to vote
the wanderer
Mon Oct 12 14:41:17
remember how R's are upset about NBA players trying to turn arenas into polling places to make voting easier & more convenient (actual real polling places for all, not one's secretly run by D's)
the wanderer
Mon Oct 12 15:09:44
another long-ass line of early voting

not sure what to make of it other than turnout this cycle likely huge & polling places should be expanded not closed... (& fake drop boxes not wanted anywhere)

wikipedia says Suwanee has pop of only 20,000... but it's also right on outskirts of Atlanta
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