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Utopia Talk / Politics / JFK Jr lives
Anarchist Prime
Sat Oct 17 14:06:55
Big day in the "JFK Jr lives" sect of QAnon as the man himself is expected to reveal himself and replace Pence as Trump’s running mate at the Dallas rally.

Sat Oct 17 14:15:29
Hell yea - good work beating me to it. Today is the day folks!

Also - if you have Twitter, give that guy Travis View and his QAnonAnonymous podcast a follow/listen. They are incredibly knowledgeable about QAnon as well as a myriad of other conspiracy theories.
Sat Oct 17 15:02:20
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Sat Oct 17 15:02:37
wait, now it is working
Sat Oct 17 15:04:14
Pence is JFK Jr in disguise. Have you ever seen Pence and JFK Jr in the same room?
Sat Oct 17 15:04:40
This Qannon thing has a lot of random views.How does JFK or. Living or Merkel beinf Hitler's niece mix in to the Trump V pedos thing?

Im starting to think thisnis a fake.conspiracy theory that started as a troll ( 4chan) and then people added things along the way for political purposes such as linking it with certain groups and delegitimizing it further than it already is.

There is no way more than 5% of the " millions" of Q followers beleive all or most of this.
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