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Utopia Talk / Politics / Riots in Portland
Tue Apr 20 15:14:58
The police shot and killed a white man, and people started to riot in Portland. There’s vandalism, arson, burglarized businesses.


Is it a white people’s riot?

Or did black people believe it was a black man who was shot and killed, so black people rioted over a white man’s death?
Sam Adams
Tue Apr 20 15:25:16
Retards in portland riot for any reason regardless of race. Its a socialist shithole, full of bums, shit and needles. West suburbs are nice though.
Tue Apr 20 15:29:35
Portland riots like fthe Simpsons Springfield, all you need is a song.

Im just shocked the cops killing a Whiteman made the news.
Sam Adams
Tue Apr 20 15:39:13
The news even said its ok for police to kill white men, so you dont have to riot.

Racist to the highest degree, and it didnt work.
Tue Apr 20 20:09:16
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