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Utopia Talk / Politics / YouTube gets 'Freedom Expression' Award
Wed Apr 21 05:04:17
Well deserved!


YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki Gets 'Freedom Expression' Award XXXXXXXX

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki received a "Free Expression" award from the Freedom Forum Institute in a virtual ceremony XXXXXXXXXX.

On Thursday, YouTube creator Molly Burke presented Wojcicki with the accolade in a video shared to the platform. "I'm so excited to be here tonight to present Susan Wojcicki with the Free Expression award. As the CEO of YouTube, Susan is facing some of the most critical issues around free expression today," Burke said.

Wojcicki sat down for an interview during the online ceremony, during which she emphasized the importance of free speech and the role that YouTube plays in protecting it.

"I've just seen the real benefits that freedom of speech has, as well as representing people of all different backgrounds and all different perspectives, and the freedoms that we have, we really can't take for granted," she said. "We really have to make sure that we're protecting them in every way possible. I feel, because of my family history, a deep connection to those freedoms and I'm very thankful for the freedoms that I have."

The tech CEO also discussed the platform balancing people's right to free speech with protecting the community from harmful content.

"We want to be able to have as diverse and open a platform as possible and represent as many views as possible on the platform, but we also need to make sure there are limits," she said. "Since the beginning of YouTube we've had community guidelines."

Wojcicki continued: "From the very beginning, we wouldn't allow adult content, hate content, dangerous content, all of those types of content could really make it that YouTube is no longer a platform that's viable for all those different voices out there."

"As YouTube has become bigger and has had more of an impact, we've seen a need to increase what we're doing from a responsibility standpoint," she added.

Following the ceremony, some Twitter users XXXXXXXXXX.
Wed Apr 21 05:12:50
Its probably the least oppressive than most other big tech.

And you cant deny it gives a voice to most people.
Wed Apr 21 05:14:35
If they allowed full on porn, it would have just been an amateur porn site.
Sam Adams
Wed Apr 21 10:06:07
They created and gave themselves a "free expression" award?

Rofl thats some narcissistic left-wing hollywood BS to be sure
Wed Apr 21 10:31:44
typical whitey bullshit political games.
prolly meant 2 make it appear as if they r frontdefenders of rights when they are trash.

youtube sucks.
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