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Utopia Talk / Politics / Blame ops or the democrats?
Wed Apr 21 21:33:00

Who the fuck issues a bicycle license?

The cops were enforcing the law. A stupid law but how do people get mad at the cops for this?

You cant write crazy laws, and get mad at the cops if blacks have said law enforced on them, should blacks be exempt?

Its a dumb law
Thu Apr 22 00:34:19
If they were interfering with traffic, riding against the traffic, and had no licence to ride a bicycle – why didn’t the police shot them?

The kids could have caused injuries and PTSD for car drivers.
Thu Apr 22 00:53:12
Many bicyclist in general are idiots though. They do not show any regards to pedestrians when cycling on sidewalks, they often comes cycling at high speeds and they refuse to ring their bell. They ignore basic trafic rules (like red lights) when cycling on the roads, in traffic. Often, when the cars have a red light to let pedestrians cross the road, bicylists ignore the red light and plows through the pedestrian crossing. I don’t mind if the cops starts to shoot bicylists in Sweden.
Thu Apr 22 02:02:23
bicyclists are supposed to ride against traffic.Atleast where I grew up, seems safer.

I think I discovered what grinds paramount's gears...lol.
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