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Thu Apr 22 07:05:34
2 killed, officer hurt after police say traffic stop turned into shooting in San Antonio

Kate Winkle and Will DuPree

SAN ANTONIO (KXAN) — Police in San Antonio said a traffic stop turned into an exchange of gunfire that killed two people and injured an officer on the city’s west side.

During a news conference Friday afternoon, Police Chief William McManus said he reviewed the officer’s body camera footage. McManus said the video showed the officer pull over a truck for a reason not yet known and begin a “casual conversation” with the three people inside.

After about two minutes, McManus said the video showed the driver pull out a gun and begin firing at the officer, who was struck in the hand. The police chief said the officer retreated and returned fire, shooting and killing the driver and the front seat passenger. A woman in the truck’s backseat was also hit in the torso and taken to the hospital.

Reporters on the scene said witnesses heard multiple gunshots, but the police chief could not confirm how many at this time. The shooting happened in an area off Pinn Road near Westfield.

McManus said the officer involved has been with the department for five years. He said he would be visiting that officer in the hospital shortly. Police have not identified the officer or the two people killed yet.

Police urged drivers to avoid the area because the road would remain closed for a few more hours, as the investigation into the shooting begins.

This is the second shooting involving police in as many days in San Antonio. Police shot and killed a man who they say opened fire at the San Antonio airport Thursday, causing a precautionary lockdown there. They believe he was the same person who fired shots off Highway 281 and Loop 1604 earlier that day.

Thu Apr 22 07:09:42
These shootings are boring.

How about we open a thread on Rebecca Zahau, the weirdest cold case named suicide (Mind you before she was hung her hands and feet were bound and a gag shoved in her mouth)
Thu Apr 22 07:43:44

Talk to Y2A and tw if you have a problem with it.

Member Wed Apr 21 15:47:35
Are we just going to have a new thread for every shooting that occurs in America now? Is that the modus operandi going forward?

the wanderer Wed Apr 21 15:50:26
are we running out of thread space?

Member Wed Apr 21 15:51:32
Thu Apr 22 07:53:24
Oh, I know exactly why you posted them after reading those posts yesterday.
Wrath of Orion
Thu Apr 22 09:26:48
lol, they broke Rugian. How pathetic.
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