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Utopia Talk / Politics / Rebecca Zahau-Mysterious cold case
Thu Apr 22 07:47:54
I love those true crime shows, especially unsolved mysteries, unfortunately they didn't do this one.

This one can really take you down a rabbit hole.

The gist was a nurse marries a millionaire Pharma CEO.

While at their vacation home ( which they frequented) Rebbecca and her younger sister were watching Jonah, her husband's 6 year old son.

Somehow someway he went over the upstairs balcony with a ball and a razor scooter, while one was showering and the other was doing something in anothwr room....at least from the official report.

The younger sister (13) calls 911, the boy is in bad shape but alive, shortly he fell into a coma.

This is important because it is linked to the multiple theories of her death, just 2 days later.

Her husband had the alibi of being at the hospital. He called and left her a voicemail at 1 AM, it was deleted and unrecoverable, he claims it was a standard update saying the boys health was actually stabilising but still in a coma at the time.

Meanwhile her husbands family, the childs mom, her sister and the husbands brother came to town.

The brother stayed at the house.he found her in the morning.Her hands bound behind her back, feet bound together and a gag in her mouth, otherwise nude.

I'll post a link to his 911 call.


This was deemed a suicide where she tied herself up hands and feet, gagged herself and hung herself supposedly because she was so distraught over being the caregiver while the boy fell.

He died in the hospital, 3 days after she did.

There is so much I left out, I highly recommend looking into it more, I may poat some links just due to the vastness of evidence and odd details.

Thu Apr 22 07:54:08

Basic wiki
Thu Apr 22 07:58:12
Oh, how could I forget the eery message painted on the door insode the house in black paint.The cops refused to release it for a while, eventually they did.

"She saved him
Can you save her"

It was written in paint that was rebebeccas and her brush, but oddly enough no fingerprints or even DNA could be found on the paint or brush...odd.
Thu Apr 22 10:51:14
I’m a bit lost. How many people are involved in this story. And how many died? Is there only one dead? The girl? And who is the main suspect?

I did a quick search on Wiki

”Rebecca Mawii Zahau was found hanging at the Spreckels Mansion”

”In October 1877, John Diedrich Spreckels married Lillie Siebein”

Siebein? Could she be Jewish and have a connection to Israel and Mossad? They don’t mention it on wiki but maybe someone is covering it up. Could be worth it to investigate further.
Thu Apr 22 11:14:43

Forget the sleuth group. :D
Thu Apr 22 16:27:05
Paramount, Two people died.

Jonah shacknai-Six year old step son of rebbecca.

Rebecca zahau, officially suicide but most people disagree, mainly because of the arms and legs and mouth gag, which is possible, but seems out of place.


Here is a good breakdown.

20/20 did a show on it that was pretty good.
the wanderer
Thu Apr 22 16:45:06
too many pronouns in your OP description :p but i remember the story

no way it was suicide... hanging naked & bound... women don't want to be found naked
Fri Apr 23 06:26:37
I absolutely think she was murdered.

I watched the physical reenactment, it was odd that in every case the bed had moved way more than in reality. 20-40 inches compared to 7, which to me seems more likley to be done differently than jumping or being pushed off the balcony.

not to mention, DNA and prints etc. having an excuse to be there because the brother cut her down, AFTER calling 911. Its also odd he kept saying she hung herself on the 911.

Super curious was that the paint on the door was found on the binding ropes and noose, on the places your hands should be when tying those knots.

However not even trace amounts were found on her hands, how thenfuck does that happen? she ties the knots herself and then washes her hands?

Fri Apr 23 06:34:09
holy shit.

what a shithole country. this is clear murder.

holy shit they killed her becoz of what. becoz her kid was careless upstairs and they held her responsible.

so white family murdered nonwhite wife.
Fri Apr 23 06:36:54
suicide ur foot!

holy shit, i cant believe people buy in2 this bullshit that she killed herself by gaggin herself and boundin herself up.

like what kind of rot in inside ur brain 2 believe such crap
Fri Apr 23 06:38:31
holy shit, they killed her becoz her kid had an accident.
like wtf?
Fri Apr 23 06:42:33
She was more like a step mom, but not officially.
Fri Apr 23 06:43:21
20/20 had a very detailed show. Youtube has a lot of info as well

She was Burmese.
Fri Apr 23 06:44:26
holy shit, if thats the case then she was murdered 4 sure. they held her responsible.
holy shit how they covered this up.
Fri Apr 23 06:48:37
TC, You shpuld really youtube it.

It's super crazy, and yeah I can't see this as NOT murder.

Also, just found out, after he supposedly cut her down and gave CPR....no DNA was found...very strange.

Adam Shacknai was found guilty in civil court.
Fri Apr 23 07:02:16

Unfortunately, some of the facts are different depending on the video.
Fri Apr 23 09:38:50
So the claim is that she put a shirt into her mouth, then tied her feet and tied her hands behind her back, and then with her feet and hands tied she put the noose around her neck and hanged herself?

The police/sheriff and the prosecutor who says it was a suicide obviously needs to get fired and keelhauled for not doing their job. Maybe they have been bribed by the killer.
Fri Apr 23 09:53:24
Paramount, The Father of the boy started a company that was sold.for billions.So the the means were there.

Another thing that sticks with me, is If you watch the re enactment with a sophisticated dummy found that the bed was moved way more ofnthe body jumped, to me it seems likenshe was placed there afterwards or someone movednthe bed back when leaving the room.

This was investigated twice after public outrage it was deemed a suicide amd again it was deemed a suicide....something is shady, the cops cant be THAT incompetent.
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