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Utopia Talk / Politics / brawl breaks out, pets KILLED
Fri Apr 23 05:41:43
internet "famous" cat ponzu dies from beatdown.
RIP ponzu.


The victim in green shirt, a female Thai chef based in NYC, was walking her pets (a cat a dog and a bird) with all of them being leashed, when a boy (presumed 10-12 year old) came out of nowhere and dragged her cat, threw it in the air and continued dragging for 3-4 meters further. The cat, Ponzu, tried to escape, but the child stepped on his leash to stop him. Ponzu eventually managed to run away but died in the park from severe injuries to his claws (his nails were ripped off from his paws when the boy dragged him around). He also had preexisting heart conditions, which could have contributed to his death. The owner angrily asked the boy why he did that. The boy ran back to his family of 8, who started insulting the cat owner: “This is what you got when you walk your Fucking Cat, Bitch!”

While another man threw her bird (a parrot named Mango) into the traffic, the dog (Tofu) was also kicked multiple times and pulled by the tail into the air. The family then jumped on the owner, kicked and choked her, pulled her hair, and tried to gouge her eye. Bystanders took a videos and came to help before the family fled the scene.


damn, america is a savage shithole. not even animals r safe nomore.

family protectin there psycho son. i wuldve beaten knocked him da fuck out.
Fri Apr 23 05:42:55
looks like da bird died 2.

RIP birdie.

Fri Apr 23 05:43:38

yankee police tryin 2 cover there own? how come they intimidate victim instead.

racist shithole.
Fri Apr 23 06:05:04
looks like Puerto Ricans.
Fri Apr 23 09:46:15
I would have shot and killed the entire family.
Fri Apr 23 09:56:07
That kid is a serial killernin the making.
Fri Apr 23 13:35:21
i watched some old ponzu vids. seems like da cat was pretty chill hangin around with da dog and bird.

who wuldve thought cat wuld die such a violent death. and 4 no reason and in broad daylight and in an open park surrounded by people no less...

Fri Apr 23 14:59:12
Shouldn't believe what you read or redit The Children. People post shit just to get a reaction from dumb fucks like yourself.

Police in New York city said Thursday they have arrested and charged a woman with assaulting a Thai chef who was the victim of a random, vicious attack in which a boy killed her cat in a public park.
Evelyn Serrano, 42, was arrested and charged with assault this morning after the case drew wide interest, with #JusticeforPonzu trending on several social platforms in response to Suchanan “Rung” Aksornnan’s plea for justice for Ponzu, her Instagram-famous, 3-year-old British shorthair.
State Department
Fri Apr 23 18:11:54
Ponzu. Say his name.
Fri Apr 23 22:27:45
I bet the common thread between these shitheads is social media accounts that echo the echo chamber of blaming the Coronavirus on China.
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