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Utopia Talk / Politics / Spotsylvania Police Shooting
Sat Apr 24 12:21:24
10 bullet shots, phone != gun

Sat Apr 24 12:22:12
Spotsylvania Virginia

Photo of the guy shot:

Sat Apr 24 12:26:32
why does it seems that so many of these police shootings where the justification is the "wallet/phone/lighter/etc..." looked like a gun turn out to be that the victim is black? I mean, if it was random you would see a racial distribution of these incidents in line with general police-civilian interactions.
the wanderer
Sat Apr 24 12:39:35
this has a video w/ the 911 call audio & transcript(not super well sync'd) that also includes cop arriving & shooting him (he's still on phone to 911)

Sat Apr 24 13:42:56
Y2a, It may be a random racial breakdown. I guess the factor would be how frequently people get into police confrontation by race.
Sat Apr 24 14:11:04
from a Yale study.

"In stark contrast to non-lethal uses of force, we find no racial differences in officer-involved
shootings on either the extensive or intensive margins. Using data from Houston, Texas – where
we have both officer-involved shootings and a randomly chosen set of potential interactions with
police where lethal force may have been justified – we find, in the raw data, that blacks are 23.8
percent less likely to be shot at by police relative to whites. Hispanics are 8.5 percent less likely.
Both coefficients are statistically insignificant. Adding controls for civilian demographics, officer
demographics, encounter characteristics, type of weapon civilian was carrying, and year fixed effects, the black (resp. Hispanic) coefficient is 0.924 (0.417) (resp. 1.256 (0.595)). These coefficients are remarkably robust across alternative empirical specifications and subsets of the data. Partitioning the data in myriad ways, we find no evidence of racial discrimination in officer-involved shootings.
Investigating the intensive margin – the timing of shootings or how many bullets were discharged
in the endeavor – there are no detectable racial differences."
Sat Apr 24 16:12:35
do you have a link to this study?
Sat Apr 24 17:13:48

I haven't read the entire thing yet but when I get some more time I plan to.

The parts I have read shows there is a racial disparity in use of non violent responses such as pepper spray and putting suspects in handcuffs. Haven't got to the part about possible causes yet other than a quick glance.
Sun Apr 25 09:36:53
How hard is it to follow instructions? When a cop has his gun pointed at you and is repeatedly yelling at you to "stop moving towards him," it should be basic common sense to stop moving.

The video doesn't really establish whether the cop was justified or not, but it's undeniable that the suspect's stupidity played a role in his demise.
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