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Tue Apr 27 01:16:21
When owing the libs goes wrong.

banned from Alaska Air which she needs to to fly to Anchorage for work and it is the only airline that flies that route. OWNED


Alaska Airlines Bans Anti-Masker State Senator
APRIL 26, 2021 BY BEN 43

An anti-masker state senator from Alaska has been banned from flying Alaska Airlines, leaving her without air transportation. And you know, she feels her constitutional rights are being violated, and that there was no due process.

In this post:
Alaska Airlines bans Lora Reinbold
Reinbold’s response to Alaska Airlines ban
Reinbold now has to take a ferry rather than fly

Bottom line

Alaska Airlines bans Lora Reinbold
This weekend we learned that Alaska Airlines has banned Lora Reinbold, a state senator from Alaska, for continuing to refuse to follow the FAA-mandated mask policy when flying. She’s one of over 500 people banned by the airline for not following face mask policies.

According to an Alaska Airlines spokesperson:

“We have notified Senator Lora Reinbold that she is not permitted to fly with us for her continued refusal to comply with employee instruction regarding the current mask policy.

This suspension is effective immediately, pending further review. Federal law requires all guests to wear a mask over their nose and mouth at all times during travel, including throughout the flight, during boarding and deplaning, and while traveling through an airport.”

This all came to light after a video was posted on social media, showing Reinbold in a disagreement with police, TSA, and airport employees, at Juneau Airport.

Reinbold’s response to Alaska Airlines ban
Reinbold took to her Facebook page to share her side of the story:

Ak Air: Until there is a fair determination, after thorough review of both sides, I believe this should be confidential. I learned about Ak Air decision before I knew there was even an inquiry and before I had a chance to talk to or discuss this with anyone at Alaska Air.

I never recieved a warning via a yellow card per their policy either. There was no due process before a temporary decision that is “under review” was made public. Alaska Airlines sent information, including my name, to the media without my knowledge nor permission. I do believe constitutional rights are at risk under corporate covid policies.

Regarding Alaska Airlines I sent this to the media inquiry.

I was reasonable with all Alaska Airlines employees. I have been flying on Alaska Air for decades amd am an MVP gold. I inquired about mask exemption with uptight employees at the counter.

The timing of complaint and a specific employee is of keen interest. The most divisive disaster bill hb76 is up Monday. I have been assured this be looked into.

I was respectful of Alaska Airlines policies. We had a pleasant safe flight with happy flight attendants and great talented pilots. I hope to be on an Alaska Airlines flight in the near future.

She then followed that up with the following comment:

Although I dont find the mask policy to substantiated nor do I want corporations to violate civil rights. I still wore a cdc shield to check in. And wore a mask (even with an exemption) from right after I checked in thru entire flight. I test negative weekly. I hope people can hear the truth of my actual actions thru the media mischaracterization.

It’s kind of scary that people like this are the ones making laws:

She thinks this is a violation of her constitutional and civil rights?

She thinks there should be “due process” for a company to deny service to a customer who is violating policies?

She wore a “CDC shield” at check-in, when she was supposed to wear a mask?

This wasn’t Reinbold’s first mask related incident with Alaska Airlines. Late last year she posted a picture of an Alaska Airlines flight attendant, and wrote the following to go along with it:

“Mask bullies in full force on Alaskans Airlines- all because a scaredy cat Karen whined loudly and was a Tattle tail when I took my dumb worthless suffocating mask off, a bit longer than she wanted, for my food and drink.”

Again, I’m not sure what’s better — that she’s calling someone else a “Karen,” or that she doesn’t know the name of the airline named after her state.

Reinbold now has to take a ferry rather than fly

This is what makes this story more interesting than other situations where airlines ban people — Reinbold frequently flies between Juneau and Anchorage for work, and Alaska Airlines is the only airline to fly the route. With Reinbold now being banned from Alaska Airlines, she’s left without practical air travel options.

In order to get to Anchorage in time for work today, Reinbold ended up taking a ferry, which seems like quite a journey. She took to her Facebook and said the following:

Alaska I went to new heights to serve you & have a new appreciation for the marine ferry system. I am keenly aware of the monopoly in air transport to Juneau that needs reviewed! Please thank my husband for giving up his birthday to make a long unexpected trip to Juneau by road/ferry system! Nothing could get in the way to be in the Capitol to fight to executive branch infringement on the legislature & defending your rights by trying to stop HB76 which is on the Senate floor tomorrow!

You know, or she could have just “served” the people of Alaska by following federal mandates. Also, I love how she’s now “keenly aware” of the monopoly that exists between Juneau and Anchorage. I’m curious what she plans to do to “review” this, given that there’s nothing preventing another airline from entering the market.

Bottom line
Alaska Airlines has banned a state senator in Alaska for refusing to comply with the company’s mask mandate. What makes this story particularly noteworthy is that while most people have a choice of airlines, Reinbold basically doesn’t, as Alaska Airlines is the only carrier to fly between Juneau and Anchorage. As a result she had to take a ferry this weekend to get to work.

I’m curious to see how long this ban lasts…
Tue Apr 27 02:03:25
Some Trumper will give her a ride in his pickup truck and then rape her and she will claim that she was a victim of sexual assault before voting to confirm him to the state's supreme court.

Tue Apr 27 06:04:03
Wtf is wrong with Dukhat?!
Tue Apr 27 08:56:00
*when owning the libs goes wrong
Sam Adams
Tue Apr 27 09:00:52
Lol pwnt.

Whear a mask or get kicked off. It be simple.

Also theres plenty of small planes that will fly her that route. It wont be nearly as cheap nor will it be nearly as safe though. Should have thought of that before being a retard.
Tue Apr 27 09:11:46
First they came for the anti-masker loons for needlessly making a scene about having to wear a mask for a 1hr 40m flight. And I didn't speak because I was not an anti-masker loon.

Then they came for grand wizard Carlson because he encouraged ppl to attack random ppl on the street for wearing a mask. And I didn't speak, because I was not a crazed white supremacist on facebook.

They never came after me.
Tue Apr 27 09:57:05
If her constituents wish to have representation in the state Senate, they should recall her and vote someone who is capable of wearing a mask.
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