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Utopia Talk / Politics / bruh...wtf?
Wed Apr 28 15:17:31

has 2 be fake. how he get da mackerel?
how he get da dog?
how he get fresh water?
how he managed 2 retain his muscles.
he barely got any protein.

so da world saw a pandemic first in 100 years...and u tellin me he completely missed it?
Wed Apr 28 17:01:08
I don’t know what he is trying to prove? People built mud huts and clay pottery like 30,000 years ago.

”da mackerel?”

He probably got it from a store

”da dog?”

Probably his own dog. He drove back to the city and fetched the dog. He told his girlfriend that he was just going to let the dog be in da hut over the weekend.

”fresh water”

He probably had bottles of fresh water in his car.

”his muscles”

During the weekdays he was probably living in the city, working, eating, and goin to to da gym, etc. Then when the weekend came, he took his car to the hut and recorded youtube vids.
Wed Apr 28 17:09:51
Pretty cool video though. This is how humans used to live. Living off the nature. Everything we have today, the nature has provided it to us. I wonder if he can build a PS5 out of dirt too.
Thu Apr 29 00:57:11
ur right, the "hut" may just be 10 min from his home.

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