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Utopia Talk / Politics / soy or milk
Sat May 01 03:11:11
go soyboy or turn in2 a anglo milk faggot?

what r ur thoughts?

i come with real science later in da day. no joke.
Sat May 01 03:12:21
rememeber all dat, milk industry propaganda about soy turnin u into a woman. aka it hormone surgery changes u in2 a woman physically? rofl.

no joke, i offer no bullshit propaganda. just pure science.
Sat May 01 03:15:12
if we waz 2 incorporate soy or milk in2 our eatin.

which u chose and why? i come with real science. no joke
Sat May 01 03:40:23
Soyboy is just too pleasing of a word, even the way it looks ”soyboy” and rhymes. I don’t care if soy makes your dick grow 5 inches, I aint eating that shit man. I think even saying ”soy” too many times can turn you gay.

But seriously, there is nothing wrong with it, I think men’s health (or t-nation I forget, one of these manly man magz) did an exhuastive article a few years back, actually changing their stance from against to being for soy.
Sat May 01 07:43:44

You pee sitting down and carry around a chihuahua in a purse.
Sat May 01 12:29:16
bruhs, soy all the way!!!

tc aint kiddin here, no joke. milk is crap.
holy shit it bad.


holy shit, its this crap thats causin these bullshits. and now we know.
da milk is harmful 2 us becoz it contains everything in it thats harmful 2 us.

it not meant 4 humans long term consumption!!! its meant 4 cows, bitches.
then there is sugar in it. hormones. and thats the shit that causes it 2 grow.

soymilk is same, maybe less harmful.
but u dunt drink soymilk, bitch. eat soy products 4 protein and non hormones bullshit!!!!

now we know. now tc knows.
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