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Sun May 02 05:56:20

holy shit, last of us meets division?

saw da short trailer a few months back but didnt think much of it, until this trailer arrives.

and da name? holy shit, i just noticed this becoz i been daysgoning lately but this is da prequel to daysgone?

holy shit, even da name matches up. its definitely da prequel. look at da graphics and gameplay, its all same. this is da prequel. holy shit, im HYPED!!!

Sun May 02 06:03:49
metroid 4

Playstation exclusive, bitches. all da games r belong 2 us.

Sun May 02 13:08:01
Kinda reminds me of Last of Us. But I wonder if it is as good. If it’s not single player I don’t think I will play it.

Narrator: ”In The Day Before you can enter abandoned buildings and take whatever you want”

lol okay. It sounds cool :P
Sun May 02 13:17:51
I used to do that in Pottstown.
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