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Utopia Talk / Politics / vaccine emperor flees india
Sun May 02 11:48:01
so he asked 4 asylum already.

lol what yall think?
he takin advantage of current situation or is he legitly gettin legit threats and not just some angry noises.

i think he is cheatin.


using da situation as excuse 2 get out.
Sun May 02 12:53:33
India is like on da brink of collapse. Everyone has covid, hospitals are full, and they’ve got no oxygen etc. People are burning bodies on da streets. He doesn’t want to be there. Maybe he has covid and he is afraid he won’t get treatment in India so he flees to UK.
Sun May 02 13:09:49
India is retarded.

Say what you will about the Saudis, but they at least had the good sense to heavily restrict hajj activities last year.

Meanwhile, 9 million filthy Indians were partaking in Kumbh Mela.

Fucking unbelievable.
Sun May 02 13:13:22
Because the Saudis are an example of good albeit brutal at times governance.

They have to deal with the crazies and keep them in line.

Remember the house of Saud began governing SA as a deal between the wahabiists and the HOS. They knew they couldnt afford a civil war and chose peace.
Sun May 02 13:13:35
At least they have freedom in India. Freedom to go outside and to not wear a mask.
Sun May 02 13:28:32
Freedom doesn't mean abandoning all common sense. There was clearly a massive failure in messaging in not telling people that "hey this is an extremely bad idea."
Sun May 02 16:05:40
rofl u thinkin superspreader events is what causin this.

i dunt think india need any superevent at all. ur delusional.

this is india.

they dive head deep in2 HIV, cholera, tyfus, malaria hepatities and whatever else. u think they gonna wear a mask and keep social distance after they come up again?

get real. they just didnt count.
Sun May 02 16:19:49
man i shed a tear 4 that guy...

what a life. there is always someone shittier than u. dang, what a life. sorry 4 dat dude.
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