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Utopia Talk / Politics / Biden pays off kidnappers
Sun May 02 17:15:49

So I thought we didn't negotiate with kidnappers.

I don't see why we should pay them ( denied by Biden)

It seems simple. Lets say they have 4 Americans captive, just make them an offer they can't refuse.

Until they are released we Solemani 4 Government officials weekly.

Either way, problem solved.They should really put Trump in charge of negotiations.
Sun May 02 17:31:11
So the gist of the story is that Iran claims the US has agreed to pay them 7 billion for their american hostages. Biden says that didnt happen.
the wanderer
Sun May 02 17:32:35
maybe they want to stir up the fraudosphere by claiming it

Fraud loved talking about the $ as part of iran deal (which he never once noted was not our money but unfrozen assets... plus he talked of the plane of cash that was NOT part of iran deal but he was too stupid to ever learn anything)
Sun May 02 18:22:10
President Biden would probably give them the seven billion if they promised to put up three solar panels and two wind turbines.
Sun May 02 22:01:29
Thats the power of right-wing media lies. Their idiot supporters will always believe them because they want to and even when proven a lie, most of them continue to believe it.
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