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Utopia Talk / Politics / If Colombia can do it
Mon May 03 13:52:48
the US can do it, too! Stop socialist Biden and his evil tax hike!


Amid Nationwide Protests, Colombia's President Withdraws Controversial Tax Hike

May 3, 2021

Following days of deadly protests across Colombia against a planned nationwide tax increase, President Iván Duque has withdrawn the proposal that he insisted was needed to fix the country's pandemic-battered economy.

Protests that began last week have led to multiple deaths, and they continued over the weekend despite a promise by Duque on Friday to remove some of the bill's most controversial provisions. On Sunday, he announced the proposed overhaul would be shelved and replaced.

"I am asking Congress to withdraw the law proposed by the finance ministry and urgently process a new law that is the fruit of consensus, in order to avoid financial uncertainty," he said in a video.

Ordinary Colombians have been hit hard by the pandemic with the country's economy shrinking by 6.8% last year. Unemployment has spiked, and many Colombians are struggling to find work.

The proposed tax increase would have affected anyone making more than $656 a month — lowering the threshold and eliminating key exemptions and increasing the number of goods subject to a value added tax (VAT).

The government proposed the tax changes amid a recent round of coronavirus-related lockdowns as the country experiences a new surge in coronavirus cases and COVID-19 deaths. More than 74,000 Colombians have died from the illness since the start of the pandemic.

The vaccine rollout has been slow.

In the video, Duque said there was consensus that temporary taxes on businesses and dividends, and higher income taxes on the wealthiest Colombians, were needed along with government austerity measures.

"It is a moment for all of us to work together without malice," he said.

Starting Wednesday, tens of thousands of people turned out for protests — many organized by unions — to express outrage at the tax bill. They ignored warnings from health officials who said the protests could become coronavirus superspreader events.

Although most of the protests were peaceful, police in riot gear used tear gas and clashed with protesters, some of whom looted and vandalized buildings and vehicles.

There is no definitive count as yet for how many people died in the confrontations between police and protesters, but the prosecutor's office said Sunday afternoon that it was investigating 14 deaths nationally, while human rights groups said police abuses — especially in the third-largest city of Cali — had resulted in more than 20 deaths, according to Reuters. A police officer was also reported killed in Soacha on the outskirts of the capital, Bogotá.
Mon May 03 14:03:55

Yeah, that terminology is outdated now. If you are protesting as a conservative, the proper term for that activity is "insurrection" or "sedition."
Mon May 03 14:07:35
*Rugian gets carted away by NSA stormtroopers*
Mon May 03 14:35:35
the protests were against the right-wing President Ivan Duque.
Mon May 03 14:37:47
That is information that my brain absolutely does not consider to be important enough to remember.
Mon May 03 14:46:20
Basically, the government spent money during the covid crisis that it wants to recoup via a bill that among other things increases the sales tax with no exceptions for basic goods (i.e., a regressive tax increase).

Mon May 03 14:47:47
pretty sure that I heard they went back on the basic goods part but by the time they did that it was too late.
Thu May 06 02:20:06
and 24 ppl are dead:


"Colombia's ombudsman said Wednesday that 24 people – 23 civilians and one police officer – have been killed in the protests that started April 28. The recent unrest was originally sparked by Colombian President Ivan Duque last month attempting to pass a tax reform bill aimed at mitigating the country's economic crisis that would raise taxes on some essential items and public services."
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