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Utopia Talk / Politics / UK invites India
Wed May 05 08:19:28
… and imports the Indian Covid:

The entire Indian delegation in the UK for G7 talks must self-isolate after two Covid cases were detected.

India's foreign minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar pulled out of face-to-face talks, saying he was "aware of exposure to possible Covid positive cases".

He met Home Secretary Priti Patel in person on Tuesday but will now join the rest of the meetings virtually.

India is not in the G7 group of nations but delegates from the country were invited as guests.

The two cases were picked up by tests in advance and none of the party had attended the meeting venue, the Press Association said. Mr Jaishankar has not tested positive.

India is currently on the UK's red list meaning travel from there is banned, but some jobs are exempt including representatives of a foreign country.

There are also some exemptions to the self-isolation rule "if it is confirmed that you are travelling to the UK for official business that cannot be undertaken while self-isolating", according to the government's rules.


So why don’t they test for covid before they board the plane in India? It is almost like they WANT TO kill Brits and Europeans with their version of covid.
Wed May 05 14:23:02
lmao this is irony at it best.

we see now if pfizer and astra works so well or not.
if it works so well, why they scared of da indian virus.

and i bet ya they did do test before boardin. but all indian tests are garbage.

the other week, 52 indians arrived at hong kong, all tested negative in india. upon arrival, tested again. all had indian corona...

they test dunt work 4 shit. im guessin they vaccine covishield dont work either. becoz covishield is just astrazenica in different name.

and britain we all astrazenica 2...why else so scared of indian variant if all got jabs anyway.
i thought once we all vaccinated, we safe and shit. so why they quarantined now.
Wed May 05 15:09:17
” Several employees of a pharmaceutical company have been arrested in Indonesia for allegedly washing and reselling used Covid nasal swab test kits.

Up to 9,000 passengers at an airport in Medan may have been tested with the reused swab sticks, say police.”


^ Maybe they are using used nasal swab tests in India too.
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