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Utopia Talk / General Talk / Mod Thread & Rules
HH Psycho Guy
Thu Mar 05 05:37:29
The following can be subject to deletion:

1) Any link to pornographic images. Full nudity is allowed, it just cannot be sexual or pornographic in nature. Child nudity is not acceptable at all. (I realize parents like to take pictures of their naked infants. For the sake of internet predators, please keep them decent.)

2) Spam flooding.

3) Threats against the well-being or life of another member. Actions such as stalking, flaming, trolling, and harrassment will be judged on a person to person basis, but extremely obscene harrassment may be deleted before any further discussion is taken on it for the sake of keeping the peace.

4) Any photos, images or material used without the permission of the forum author/creator.

5) Impersonating the name or a variation of the name that could lead to identity confusion of a forum member, if that member objects to it.

6) Posts that the author requests to be deleted MAY be deleted. The moderators have the choice of not complying.
The rest is just true.

7) Only Atma may post useless posts in the Rules thread.

8) DL is inactive.


10) Poison is Rick Flair.

11) Do not delete any posts in the Mod Thread.

12) Juggernaut is Ben Stiller

13) Mad Doggie has a sandy vagina

When posting an URL that is tasteless, obscene or inappropriate for the workspace please identify it with NWS (Not Workplace Safe) or NSFW (Not Safe For Work). This is a courtesy to our working members. THERE IS NO NEED TO GET THEM FIRED.

This is considered an adult forum, therefore adult language and adult discussion is ALLOWED and will almost CERTAINLY take place. It will be consistently assumed that minors are not privy to the content here.


In case of emergency, break glass.

This thread is for posting random nonsense... or maybe contacting moderators when they're needed for clean-up.

Current mods:
Kaylana, Mad Doggie, HH Daemon Lord, HH Evenflow, Damian, HH Psycho Guy
HH Psycho Guy
Thu Mar 05 05:37:41
MD, now you're just being childish.
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