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Utopia Talk / General Talk / Vegas Trip - Finalized
Thu Dec 17 03:32:44
Hi People! Long time no see!

It's finally here! DUN DUN DUN!!!! The VEGAS TRIP!!!

So as a quick summary:

Total 16 people are confirmed to go, 7 chicks and 9 guys, so the ratio's nice (but three of those chicks have boyfriends whom they are bringing with, so it's pretty much 6 guys competing for the 4 girls haha)

Four cars will be used to commute people, and we'll be splitting the gas cost. I am one of the designated drivers, so I may have to change my oil tomorrow since my car is a piece of junk ;)

I know I said I will be reserving a suite from Wynn or Venetian, but due to budget problem raised by the fellow travelers, we decided to stay in the less expensive MGM Hotel (where the lions are at). I have four rooms reserved, two queen size beds, four people per room. It will cost each person $55 total. Regarding shows, we'll be watching KA at 9:30 PM on Friday, which will cost each person $75.

So here's the rough schedule for our trip:

Friday -

3 PM - Check in at MGM
Until 9:30 - Look around Vegas, eat dinner.
9:30 - Watch Ka
11:30 to sleep - Lounge/Freetime

Saturday -

Everyone's pretty much free to do whatever they want. We'll eat dinner together, then head out to club. We'll get wasted.

Sunday -

Wake up late, pack then check out.

It will be a super fun trip. I'm bringing $450 total, so it will give me plenty of money to spend for my personal use.

Here's the break down of my personal budget plan:

$15 - Gas
$55 - Hotel
$75 - Show
$100 - Food
$25 - Club (cover charge)
$50 to $80 - Gamble (Not exceeding an hour)
$100 to $130 - Drinks/Others

I'm not a gamble enthusiast, so gambling will be just for the "vegas experience". My friend's bringing $1500 for gambling, but I'm not insane like him haha.

After the trip, I will post up the pics here since UGT always seems to be full of skeptics that demand proofs.

That is all! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, because I know I will :)
Thu Dec 17 03:37:13
Ubes JAC
Thu Dec 17 03:37:15
Cool story bro.
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